November 11, 2009

It's Hell Getting Old, Part Two

I got the following email from my brother last night:

Mom fell on Sunday evening and fractured her left hip. She had surgery this morning and is doing quite well. They inserted a pin in her hip and she will start therapy tomorrow. She had no ill effects from the anesthetic. I will keep you informed.

I previously wrote about my mom and her health issues here. I called my brother after I received the email. He and his wife were getting ready to visit Mom in the hospital.

There was a scheduling mess up on her surgery - she was originally scheduled for 3pm yesterday, but they squeezed her in earlier. They just neglected to call my brother and tell him, so she had nobody in her corner when she underwent the procedure. The hospital called him early in the afternoon to report that she came through the surgery, and was doing well.

After she recuperates, she may be going b
ack to a rehab facility, where they will assist her in re-learning how to walk (if her Alzheimer's hasn't progressed to a point where she is unable to learn). Then she'll return to the nursing home.

I haven't told The Boy what has happened - I didn't want him to worry last night. I'll be sending a card (really, what else can I do from here?), and I'll tell The Boy how Grandma is doing.

I'll leave you with a picture of Mom when The King was in da house (2005, at the first nursing home she moved to).


  1. My grandmother is dying right now -- slow shut-down of all systems -- and she is very lucid and aware. It is hell.

  2. I hope she does well in her recovery.


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