November 01, 2009

A Night for Good Boys and Ghouls

Another Halloween down the drain. I wasn't really feeling it this season - I didn't even get out the decorations. But many of my neighbors, far less lazy far more excited about the festivities than me, were proudly displaying all manner of ghostly paraphernalia in windows, on decks and in yards.

And children, eager to frighten and alarm the local citizenry (and fill themselves to the brim with sugar-laden goodies) took to the streets tonight. The Boy drove me batty with wanting to put on his Ghostbusters regalia far too early for trick or treating.

We also went to daughter Ruth's house, where we got to see all the grandkids come back with their candy. We had lots of good food, and I had one of Tammy's (the gorgeous one) brownies that provided the foundation for a cookie graveyard. Yummy stuff, that.

Time to turn the clocks back (in most of the US - Hawaii and Arizona skip the whole Daylight Savings Time extravaganza) and think of the upcoming Thanksgiving festivities, which will occur in 26 more days.

I'm kinda glad I don't have to take down Halloween decorations tomorrow.

Another example of how being a slacker rocks!

Hope everyone had a marvelous Halloween, and that the kiddies aren't too hopped up on sugar!


  1. I had my fair share of sugar...and gin & tonics! Nice bonfire. Glad it's over.

  2. Being a slacker rocks! HAHAHA that cracked me up!!

    I only pulled out half my loot this year!

  3. Good job finding the silver lining in being a slacker!


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