November 20, 2009

Rebuilding the Pyramids...One Butternut Squash at a Time

I thought that the Pyramids were sturdy, timeless pieces of ancient architecture. For thousands of years, they have stood to honor and shelter the remains of Egyptian pharoahs and kings.

But we're not in Egypt anymore. Here, it seems the Pyramid changed and I didn't even know about it. Why didn't one of you call and let me know?

You don't have my number? Well, yeah, there IS that.

Old nutritional Pyramid? Here 'tis:

New Pyramid (new to me, at least. It's been around since 2005):

All I can say is, WTH? I was just getting used to the OLD pyramid schema. Hey, I'm old school, I thought the old-fashioned food group propaga
nda was good enough.

Now I'm gonna have to wrap my brain around color-coordinated percentages and stuff.

Maybe this is the brain exercise part of the fitness plan.


  1. I know they should just make it a pie or something, but I guess they don't want you eating too much pie.

  2. Funny. Yah what happened to the pie chart?

  3. Wow, since 2005? I've never seen it before either!


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