November 27, 2009

Thanksgiving Recap By the Numbers

Another Thanksgiving is now behind us. The previous unpleasantness was resolved (an uneasy truce was reached); we gathered for dinner and conversation. Desiree, Nate and Eli spent the night with us on Wednesday. Desiree helped make pumpkin pie. Nate lost a tooth eating a very crisp pickle. All six of us went back to Ruth's house Thursday to begin the preparations.

Number of guests: 17
Turkey: 23 pounds of moist deliciousness, thanks to Frank
Potatoes mashed: 10 pounds, no leftovers
Inappropriate remarks made by The Boy: 248, by my estimation
Number of times I scolded The Boy: 240 (I'm sure I let some slide)
Number of eye rolls due to aforementioned inappropriate remarks and behavior: 576
Number of Build-a-Bear dinosaurs repaired: 1
Tooth Fairy income received: $1
How many questions regarding when dinner would be ready: 117 (estimate)
Pies on the table: 4
Cakes: 1
Cheesecake: 1
Number of containers of Cool Whip on hand: 3
Age range of guests: 18 months to 71 years
Number of injuries due to bickering children: 1
Bandaids applied: 1
Naps taken: 3
Full tummies: 17. Grateful diners also 17.

To summarize: 17+23+10+248+240+576+1+$1+117+4+1+1+3+18+71+1+1+3+17+17= one great Thanksgiving day!


  1. As long as the food was good & everyone was 'semi' happy...

    Glad you had a great time!

  2. Sounds interesting!

  3. Funny! Sounds like a perfect gathering!

    Your blog gives me the strangest word verifications...


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