November 25, 2009

Your Assignment, Should You Choose to Accept - 11/26/09

It's time again for Mama Kat's Writer's Workshop. I picked several prompts today. They seemed like fun, and it let me avoid domestic responsibilities just a little bit longer (and who doesn't want to do that?). Check at Mama Kat's for all the prompts and the great responses.

1. An ER moment
With my three accident-prone and/or sick kids, I have ample fodder for this prompt. This story is about Erin, who has been a frequent consumer of emergency medical services over the years.

Scared Stiff

When Erin was in sixth grade, she got her usual Fall cough. It lingered. She coughed and hacked as usual for a week or so (with her allergies, this was typical behavior). I made sure she took her meds, and hoped that they'd kick in.

When it became clear that she was not getting better, and in fact, was getting more sick, we went to our family doctor. Diagnosis: pneumonia. The doctor prescribed penicillin, and we were on our way.

Then the hives started; she was having trouble breathing. Off to the ER - she was having an allergic reaction to the penicillin. There was no languishing in the waiting room - we were immediately taken to a curtained exam area. A doctor gave her a shot of adrenaline directly into her chest...she said she felt like she was going to jump off the table, the rush was that extreme.

We remained within our curtained area, and she was monitored. The curtain at the bottom of the bed was open, we saw several staff going in and out of the adjoining exam "room". I assumed that the patient in that bed must have been in bad shape. Conversation was whispered (not that I would EVER eavesdrop, no sir, not me). Snippets of words reached Erin's ears: gunshot, police, dead.

Erin was feeling much better by then, and was equally anxious (in an eager way) and yet frightened to know what was happening beside us. It took all of my substantial skills at threatening powers of suggestion to keep her from going beyond the curtain to look at the body that was maybe two feet from us. I know I was never so eager to leave an ER in my life.

And Erin's pneumonia and penicillin adventure? A full month of sulfa drugs and Benadryl, and she made a full recovery.

2. Describe how your audition for a trashy reality show would go

Audition? I'm a shoo in! Here are the facts:

Live in trailer in trailer park - CHECK
Son with "issues" and criminal justice system involvement - CHECK
All adults in house unemployed - CHECK
Ruined daughter's wedding - CHECK
Creative way of gaining TV reception - CHECK
No fashion sense - CHECK

I figure we're one major outburst or family crisis from Jerry Springer or reality TV.

4. Write a story in exactly 101 words (ok, I cheated, my story is ongoing, there's no ending yet)

Now Show Me the Money

Once upon a time, a young girl dreamt of being a writer. She loved words; she would peruse the dictionary to discover other ways of expressing her thoughts and feelings.

As the years went by, the dream left her consciousness. You could say that life got in the way - a life filled with love, children, laughter and heartache.

Her dream came true when she most needed it. She became a paid writer. For years, she prospered.

Laid off in 2007, she lost the job that helped define who she was.

Until her husband nagged her to suggested that she blog...

5. Write a poem about something I am grateful for

Friends in the Electronic Age

I am so glad that I could find
So many people who are kind.

Though they're prone to be sappy,
they sure make me happy
to know them.

With so many emails they send
These folks I call friends
Delivering prayers and the ever-present joke
Though I may want to choke
The originator.

I've gotten blessings galore
and I'm sure that I swore
as I opened each one.

Lost kids and dangers in the dark
Papers on my windows when I park

When I think I can't cope
I remind them of snopes
and press Delete.


  1. I had the same PCN allergy, and I think all in all I had about 7 or 8 shots in a 2 day time frame. Docs always ask, so what happens when you have PCN....oh umm I dunno DEATH maybe!

    And I think you should start your own reality TV show! Hey it could work!

  2. Great post! Love your story and your poem most of all! :)

  3. Look at you write, write, writing away! All the prompts? That is impressive! Emergency Rooms freak me out! Love your poem. Happy Thanksgiving!

  4. Hi there June Freaking Cleaver!

    I've seen you around and have been meaning to come and visit. I saw you on Mama Kat's McLinky and wanted to stop by.

    I see you have an Erin--and I'm Erin. So maybe we're meant to be bloggy friends!

    P.S. Happy Thanksgiving & I'm your newest follower!

  5. Really great prompt! You're very eager to do all of them, haha. Hope you had a good Thanksgiving!


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