December 07, 2009

The Best Things in Life are Free...I Think

I've written before about my local ReUseIt group, a Yahoo group that has members giving away things they no longer need or want.

Saturday, I snagged my first ReUseIt offering: Fisher Price train stuff - I think it may be Geotrax.

I know a couple of grandsons who will love coming over to play with it - once I figure out how it all goes together and works.

I'm hoping The Mister and The Boy assist me in this endeavor. There seems to be some testosterone/train relationship - what boy doesn't love a train?

It also came with one remote controller, and a few train cars. My question is: Will a yellow controller only control a yellow engine or vehicle?

I checked on Ebay and craigslist - even used, this stuff seems to be a pretty pricy toy. Am I now setting myself up for expensive purchases of additional trains and accessories?

Can anyone clue me in on this stuff?


  1. We have a bunch of these. Yes, it is a one controller per engine deal. The cars just hook onto any engine though. Your grandsons will have fun with them. It's a fun toy.

  2. Oh yes ... GeoTrax. We did that phase. I still have some left if you want me to send you some extra pieces that don't really go with anything. The sets work together pretty well but I do think each controller works with its own train.


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