December 09, 2009

A Day of Doll Wiggling!

I'm way behind in telling about The Boy's activities of late. He's been a pretty good egg, except
for one giant outburst that I promised to keep out of the blog.

He's been doing well enough to earn a few privileges back. One of our recent outings was a meeting of the Puppet Guild of Greater St. Louis - he's a Junior member.

We met at a local library for a show by a guest
puppeteer, Bob Nathanson.

The Frog Prince was great fun!

Here are some pics (taken from Bob Nathanson's site:

Bob Nathanson wrote a book about being a puppeteer. I bought a copy for The Boy; the Doll Wiggler was even nice enough to autograph it for a fellow doll wiggler.

The book had The Boy laughing out loud. The reviews I've read on Amazon back up his high recommendation with 5 (five) stars. Even folks who have no background in puppetry enjoyed Diary of a Doll Wiggler: A Bob's-Eye View into the Wacky and Wonderful World of Puppetry.
You can check it out here.


  1. Boy this brings back some very old memories of Mr. Rogers.

  2. The term "doll wiggler" is one of those that sounds dirty but isn't ... at least I hope not!


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