December 28, 2009

It's Good to be the Queen Princess!

When The Mister and I were first discussing a future together, he said that he would treat me like a Queen, and my little ole heart went pitter-pat. But in my brain, I heard that he'd treat me like a PRINCESS. Do you know the difference, and why, in MY world, Princess is above and beyond the role of Queen?

What does a Princess do? Why, nothing! She sits around looking pretty. Sure, there are frogs to kiss, and wicked witches dispensing apples to avoid... But for the most part, the Princess gets doted on (except Cinderella, poor girl), wears pretty frocks and a rockin' tiara, and spends her time learning the
proper hand formation for the royal wave.

Yes, she may have a pet project or two, to get her warmed up for all that official do-gooding she'll be forced happy to do as an adult. But other than that, she's eating Bon Bons and jetting off to exotic locations with other regal beings. The Princess is one spoiled female.

The Queen? She wears bad hats, visits the poor and unfortunate among the kingdom, suffers the scandals that occur from misbehaving children and often defers to the King. She has RESPONSIBILITIES. Who the hell wants that?

This Princess vs. Queen dilemma has been the topic of many discussions between The Mister and myself. He knows how I feel about it - yet, he insists that his intention is to treat me as the Queen (and consequently, he has all the rights and privileges of the King in the Cleaver compound).

Well, guess what the King bought for Her Royal Highness yesterday?

THIS beauty. Seventeen point three (17.3) inches of speed (and no annoying Blue Screen of Death, non-functioning CD/DVD drive or undersized CPU fan, no siree). Purchased a mere TWO DAYS AFTER CHRISTMAS. Can I get an Amen?

And I didn't nag. I did my research, found the best deal, and found a store that would match the original best deal (when the original store didn't have any of that model available).

I rocked it. Less than 24 hours after my initial request, I was in possession of my new laptop.

The Queen would need to pen an official Royal Proclamation to get stuff that fast.

The Princess? She'd put a bug in the King's ear, and his loyal staff would scour the entire kingdom for the one item the little Princess desired.

See what I mean?

It's good to be the Princess!

Now all I need is the tiara.


  1. I think I see the tiara in your near future! Have fun with your new toy. By the way which Disney princess would you say you are more like?

  2. A new computer is an awesome gift!!

  3. Queen, Princess ... whatever -- YOU GOT A NEW FREAKING LAPTOP! you are being treated properly for sure!!! Enjoy!

    Totally loved your explanation of the difference between Queen and Princess by the way -- seems true to me!

  4. All hail the Princess. Long may she reign!

    Congrats on the laptop. Very nice.

  5. It's an AMEN!

    {Did my comment pop right up as it loaded in mere milliseconds?}


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