December 15, 2009

My Brain Feels Like A Wal-Mart Christmas Store Returns Shopping Cart at Closing Time

If you didn't catch the drift of this post from the title, it means that my brain is full of unrelated, unwanted crap...and it's gotta get purged!

But like all those loyal Wal-Mart employee
s, I will try to departmentalize the crap in some way to get the paperwork done.

Oh, the baby in the pic? The one in the cart? Don't know him, and still wanna smack his parents found the picture here).

  • As I posted previously, we still don't have cable or satellite reception. The antenna remains a constant source of irritation.
  • What's with all the networks suspending new shows during the holiday season? Reruns already? WTH? Don't they know that there's a recession? Folks aren't out gallivanting in the evenings. It's cold, and money is tight (at least that's the case in my neighborhood). I need the electronically-induced coma stimulation provided by viewing new episodes of my soon-to-be favorite shows!
  • Speaking of lame reruns, House had on last season's Christmas episode on Monday...which got me thinking about the late Dr. Kutner, Kal Penn. Did he ever start his job as Associate Director of the Office of Public Engagement at the White House? Yep, he sure did. Here's a pic of him at the State Dinner for India's Prime Minister Manmohan Singh:

Baking and The Boy
  • I've been doing lots of holiday baking at the Cleaver compound. I've made these, and this, and a double batch of these, and this. And with every new confection I've produced, The Boy declares the latest dessert to be the ONE item he must provide at his class Christmas party next week. Now, if I could just manage to find a little bit of room in the freezer for said sweets, I'll have enough to satisfy The Boy and take care of our holiday sugar overdose requirements.
Body Image is Everything
  • My gorgeous stepdaughter Tammy and I were talking about Barbie and her amazing figure. I googled the following information about the impossibility of a real-life Barbie:

    Poor Barbie, she may someday marry Ken, but chances are, they will never have children. Based on research done by Rader Programs, the percent of Barbie's body fat would be so low, she would have ceased to menstruate--that is if she ever started. She has been grossly underweight since the beginning.

    If Barbie were a real person, she would be 6' 0", weigh 100 lbs., and wear a size 4. Her measurements would be 39"/19"/33". She would probably have had to have back surgery from being so top heavy.

    The average woman is 5' 4", weighs 145 lbs., and wears between a size 11-14. Her measurements are approximately 36"/30"/41". There is a fifty-fifty chance that she is on a diet right now.

  • Is there any wonder girls and women have body image problems? Why the emaciated, yet packing a full rack 'type' is the ideal? Even Sun-Maid raisins has fallen for the hype. The image of the Sun-Maid Girl who graces each and every package of their raisins (which look like rodent turds, IMO) was based on a real person, Lorraine Collett. Well, it seems that the wholesome bonneted gal we all grew up with has gotten some CGI enhancements done. Check out the video:

Yes We Can...

  • find a Princess and the Frog Princess Tiana doll in our neck of the woods. Tammy and Frank were trying to find the doll to fulfill a needy child's Christmas request. All of the stores they'd searched in their more diverse neighborhood were sold out of the first African-American Disney Princess doll. However, in our more rural (and less culturally diverse) setting, there was not as much of a demand for Princess Tiana. Last night, The Mister graciously traveled to a Target store nearby and snagged the doll.
Ok, I think I've emptied enough out of my head for now. Feel free to comment about other interesting tidbits you think I just oughta know.


  1. You know, I was just thinking the same thing about TV & reruns. WTH? I hate that all they do is run reruns of all the good shows around know the time when you have nothing to do. Lame.

    It's also funny that you mentioned if Kal Penn (will always be Kumar to me, ha ha) started his job cause I had just asked the hubs about that 2 days ago. Thanks for the update & the picture. Man, he looks pretty darn good in a suit.

  2. I agree about the Barbies! What a horrible representation of real women!

  3. My, my she certainly has gone Hollywood! I wonder what her agent's cut is? How did you put that YouTube on the blog without all the other crap that usually surrounds any youtube videos?

  4. Speaking of boob jobs, why are so many in my neck of the woods getting them? I can think of soooo many things I would rather spend 4k on.

    I wonder how long I can put off my next mammogram before my GYN gets after me. He knows my mom. She is a breast cancer survivor.

    The Middle. Watched it for the first time tonight. Loved it. Quite nicely summed up my struggles with parenting.

    Modern Family. Sort of did the same only entertained me more. I think I snorted a few times. Glad my kids were asleep. Can't live without DVR.

    Thanks for the platform of your blog. I've been meaning to purge myself for a long time.


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