December 22, 2009

On Why I Must Now Suck Up to The Boy

I let The Boy down. I did NOT keep a promise I had made. And now I must pay.

Last Friday night, The Boy was supposed to attend the puppet guild's Christmas party. I had used one of my standby Mother tools, bribery, to induce and encourage good behavior - if he did well, I'd haul his sweet tuchus to said party. I'm proud of him - he lived up to his end of the bargain.

And, well, um, I didn't.

Oh, I had lameass good reasons.

Foremost in my pile of excuses, was my current need for a daily nap. Which prevented me from reading the actual newsletter about the particulars of the meeting. Which meant we had no gift for the gift exchange purchased. The instructions confused me. A child's gift had a $5 limit; the adult price range was $10. Is The Boy a child or an adult? He's as big as the adults. He has more adult interests than the young children who occasionally attend meetings with their parents. It was a conundrum for which I had no real answer.

My nap fix also prevented me from preparing a finger food to share. Just what is a finger food? Are cookies a finger food? Or did they mean a Zip Loc bag of Cheerios, like I give to Seth? Again, a conundrum.

The party was due to start at 7pm - heck, it's dark then. And it would take me 75 minutes to get there - in the dark. In a direction (and a county) I am not at all familiar with. Sure, I have a GPS - but it needs a night off once in a while. Did I mention it was dark? I seem to have lost my driving moxie after all this time at home - I've turned chickens**t behind the wheel. Hard to believe - I was the person who drove from PA to CA with my young daughters, so I could start a job at a building I've never seen, and in a state I had never visited. Yep, I'm chickens**t now.

Since the party had a late start, it wasn't over until 8:30. That's after The Boy's bedtime - after he takes his meds, he's off to dreamland before 8pm every night. And we would still have the drive the dark. We wouldn't get back until 10pm, at best.

Oh, and snow was in the weather forecast. Let's just forget that I grew up in PA, and lived in the tundra that is Central NY before I moved here.

So anyway, The Mister and I told The Boy he wasn't going. He didn't react well, let me tell you. Lots of wailing and gnashing of teeth, expletives flew from his lips like he was a member of the longshoremen's union. But he didn't totally freak out; I explained the logical reasons why we couldn't go, and apologized profusely for my lack of attention to the newsletter, and promised that I'd make it up to him suck up to him.

So this Wednesday, I will be taking The Boy to see Alvin and the Chipmunks 2: The Squeakquel.

Lucky me.

At least the theater will be dark. I get some of my best napping time in at the movies.


  1. All those reasons, sound good to me, might not to a kid...errr...young adult, but to me, yup!
    Nap time is an activity at our house rarely missed. It was the one habit I refuse to give up and everyone knows when I haven't had my nap!
    I know, kids don't do well with dissappointments, mine at 24 and 26 still have a hard time with that one, let alone one with disabilities. You are such a good mom, to try and settle the waters with Alvin...
    and about the dark, yea, right there with ya.... my eyesight at night has taken away my confidence to navigate strange territory, and then throw bad weather on that, nope, not doing it!!!
    I hope you have a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!!

  2. I don't think you'll get a nap in at the movie, they sing and yell alot! Plus you'll have one of those kids who sing along or comment on every scene sitting right behind you. but hey have fun anyway!

  3. In my mind, having to see the Chipmunks movie more than makes up for any injustice you imposed on the Boy.... in fact, it far exceeds what I feel you need to do.

  4. Ever notice that eyesight gets a lot worse at night? More fuzzy edges.

    Sleep is far too under rated. I'd take Alvin any day.

  5. What the heck is that chipmunk saying? And is he supposed to be Michael Jackson? Did you and the Boy love the movie?

  6. The Chipette (her name is Brittany) is saying, "You can sleep when you're dead".

    The movie was cute. And crowded. We sat in the very first row, so our necks had plenty of time to stretch out.

    I didn't even sleep.

  7. Oh, feeling your pain. It's something he'll forget but you won't ever. I hope the movie wasn't too traumatizing for you ;-)

    (and yes, I get the fact that one can drive all over the US without blinking an eye and then one day we wake up, we're older and driving at night rates right up there with having wisdom teeth pulled.)


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