December 29, 2009

Stuff I've Finally Figured Out When Dealing with The Boy

Grandson Seth is with us this week, as his day care is closed during the holidays. The Boy really likes playing with Seth, and he's been watching his attitude and language, as I've nagged him incessantly gently reminded him that Seth is a super sweet sponge-child who will attempt to repeat and/or model every behavior, whether positive or negative.

The Boy is even willing to make his DVD viewing habits Seth-friendly. He asks me if his selection is appropriate BEFORE he puts said movie into the DVD player.

The fastest way to get The Boy to bring the trash cans from the curb is to announce that there is a poopy diaper that needs to be disposed of. He was like The Flash...and 30 degree weather.

The Boy is also more willing to do his share of household chores if he knows Seth is on the way. He tore through the living room, picking up his books and other stuff, and even vacuumed (though he did grumble about that a while). He scanned the area looking for potential safety hazards and valued possessions that he would prefer that Seth not touch.

The Boy asked me if Seth would enjoy looking at the 40th anniversary Sesame Street book he got for Christmas (the same Boy who would freak if a single page was soiled by drool or sticky fingers). I suggested looking for more kid-friendly (code for less expensive and treasured) books.

Take a privilege away from The Boy for long enough and when it is restored, he doesn't value it as much. He hadn't been allowed to be online for several months - now that he's cleaned up his act, behaviorally speaking, and can once again surf the 'Net, he now gives up the computer of his own volition after about two hours. Even when I say he doesn't have to, he automatically logs

I would be remiss (and sorry later, if you catch my drift) if I didn't mention that the privilege earning system is The Mister's doing. I'm much too lazy and inconsistent lax to implement and track just what privileges are deserved at any particular time. But thanks to The Mister's hard-assed hard-nosed, yet mad, skills at keeping The Boy in line, we have seen The Boy react in more positive ways. Uhh, Mister, did I do okay here?

Keeping The Boy on a pretty strict schedule has made him self-governing. Last night, at 6:30, he asked if it was time to take his meds, and said, "But don't you want me to go to bed now?" Uhh, no - if he went to bed at 6:30 pm each night, he'd be up at 3am raiding the refrigerator. His pants are tight enough now, thank you. On school nights, he usually takes his meds at 7, and is in dreamland by 8pm. Them's some good drugs.

Maybe our lives would have been easier if I had a steady stream of cute yet poopy toddlers in the house all these years?

Maybe that's what The Boy had in mind since he's been asking fo
r a baby brother or sister since he was three years old?

Guess I don't have it all figured out yet. Maybe I should have a talk with Seth, he seems to have The Boy's number.


  1. I love the way this story shows how much The Boy cares about Seth.

  2. addhumorandfaith,
    The Boy loves children, and wants to spend time with them. But when they are moody and don't take a hankering to his attentions, he takes it personally.

    Also, his odd habits tend to turn kids off. Perhaps Seth's age and good nature have made him be more accepting of The Boy - let's hope that it continues.

  3. His admiration for Seth is so cute! Maybe you should keep Seth around every day!

  4. I am with you when comes to remembering discipline. I ground them and then forget that a grounded them or for how long. They come up ask to go somewhere, I say sure, then my guy says why did you let them go?

  5. Good thing for Grandkids, sounds like Seth could be a reward for the boy as well. So sweet how he looks forward to their time together!

  6. I think it's very sweet to read about how much he cares for Seth.

    I am too lax with my boys too and things are getting a little out of control. Maybe your husband should do some sort of boot camp for slacker moms like me?


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