December 08, 2009

This is What Normal Looks Like

Does this eighteen month old boy look sick?

Ok, not puking sick, but feverish.

Seth is a wonderfully cheerful child, even when he's not feeling well.

And he only touched the Christmas tree ONCE - when I told him that we don't touch the pretty tree, he stopped.

The Boy (aka Uncle) was very happy to play with Seth and read books to him. They watched the movie Cars together (and sat way too close to the TV).

Happy. Busy. Normal. I remember what taking care of a normal child was, way back when.

I missed a lot of that with The Boy, who is decidedly not normal. And I worked, so I wasn't with him all day.

I missed normal.a.lot.

Starting in July, my new job will be watching Seth (and any future siblings) full-time.

I get to be a SAHG - Stay at home grandmother.

I can't wait. I'm overdue for an abundance of normal.


  1. Now are you going to get paid anything but love?

    Seth seems to bring out the best in the Boy ... that seems good!

  2. Awwww! he's so adorable! Sounds like a great new job. :)

  3. Your grandson is beautiful! I'm glad you'll get to be spending so much time with him.



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