January 11, 2010

Five Words Meme...If I Were in Charge of the U.S. Education System

Jenners, from Life with a Little One and More has challenged us to write a post that includes five random words of her selection.

The words she chose for me:

Immediately, these words got me thinking about how I would "improve" our education system here in the U.S. of A.

It has long been hypothesized that room color can affect people's attitudes and behaviors. For example,
earth-toned reds, terra-cotta, rust, orange, coral, and peach tints can help promote warm feelings and friendly togetherness. These colors support congeniality among family members and friends. In addition, red in a dining area can spur people to eat more and linger. So, in an effort to stem the obesity problem in children, I'd paint the walls a nice APRICOT. No more food fights, as everyone is too busy eating nutritionally complete meals and hugging afterwards.

Physical fitness is part of a well-rounded education. I propose supplying schools with lessons in POLE vaulting, as well as POLE dancing as part of their regular physical education program. These experiences would allow students to build upper body strength and perhaps act as a deterrent to the deplorable rates of divorce (as all the lithe and limber wives are able to "entertain" their spouses at home). This may have the unexpected effect of lessening rates of alcoholism and drunk driving, since happy spouses would stay at home each night, instead of venturing out to local watering holes. I do have a concern that all this "togetherness" may add to the overpopulation problem...I'm still working this out.

We live in a stressful world, and our children are suffering at younger ages from the effects of anxiety and overall nervousness. Now you tell me, what's more relaxing than picking up a CRAYON and coloring with young children? And please, let the kids color outside the lines! Let's foster creativity! I figure if each school had a room that was equipped with crayons, paper and coloring books, we could reduce the number of psychotropic prescriptions we're now forcing down the gullets of our children.

Children nowadays don't have enough unscheduled time. We keep them busy all day in school, then sign them up for numerous extracurricular activities. The poor kids hardly get any sleep. I think we should allow all grades to act like kindergarteners, and after a nice lunch (see above), let them get their blankets and PILLOWS and take a little rest. They'll be happy campers after that!

Schools across this nation are slashing budgets for arts programming. Balderdash, I say! Let the budding Picassos and Jackson Pollacks throw on smocks and PAINT, darn it! An appreciation of art and art history will serve them well as adults. You just never know when you're stuck with an Art question in trivia games, and finally, kids and adults alike will "get" the Mr. Potato Head/Picasso joke in the Toy Story movie!

Oh yeah, in my education world, there would still be the 3 R's...and homework.

Sorry, kids. Really, you'll thank me later...much later.


  1. I cannot believe you were able to take those 5 words and get such a cool post up so fast! You are amazing.

    And I think everyone (regardless of age) should take a nap every day after lunch.

    You have my vote in the next presidential election.

  2. Thanks! Actually, I had another post in mind...about the time I painted my room an apricot color during my adolescence...but got stuck on pole.

    Send a word to Arne Duncan that I'm gunning for the job of Education secretary.

  3. That is really clever! I Love it, and I think we should all have nap matts at our desk for a little siesta after lunch!! And Pole Dancing? HAHA That's classic!

  4. The fact that you came up with that post out of those words...genius!

  5. Hello again JFC. I still think you're terrific, even tho you've never given me a glance. Happy New Year. Keri (a.k.a. Sam)


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