January 03, 2010

It's All in My Perspective...and in My Power

It's been said that perception is reality. If that is indeed true, it's time for me to change my perception; change my perspective. Because frankly, I've been a negative Nellie for far too long.

For instance, what if I chose to see the positive in things INSTEAD of the negative in my usual smartass, sarcastic way? And I'm not proposing that I turn myself into Pollyanna - I'm merely suggesting that I have a more grateful outlook - cuz even though things aren't great here, they aren't half bad (and could be a lot worse).

The Boy is behaving pretty well (though I fear that typing it will jinx his streak somehow).

True, The Miser and I are both unemployed, but we'll be starting our jobs at H&R Block soon - at least we'll be out amongst people (and I won't be having long conversations with the cat). The pay will suck, but we'll get to engage more than four brain cells at a time.

And we're paying the bills on unemployment. Good thing we're homebodies. See? Positive! Grateful!

Sickening, isn't it? I know, you're all asking - "Where is June, and what have you done with her?"

I'm right here, my lovelies, and I'd like to show you the motivation for my change in heart.

Madeline Peyroux (pronounced like the country - Peru) sings the song "Instead". I think I'll play her Youtube video as a reminder to check my attitude the next time I'm feeling all crabby about the economy or the pile of laundry that threatens to break through the laundry room door and take over the hallway (due to my procrastination - now called "Junecrastination" at the Cleaver compound).

Enjoy (but only if you want to...I'll understand). I'll be the gal looking at all the crap around me through rose-colored glasses. Oh, and the lyrics follow...because I'm all about pleasing YOU.


Instead of feel in' bad, be glad you've got somewhere to go
Instead of feel in' sad, be happy you're not all alone
Instead of feelin' low, get high on everything that you love
Instead of wastin' time, feel good 'bout what you're dreamin' of.

Instead of tryin' to win something you never understood
Just play the game you know eventually you'll love her good
It's silly to pretend that you have something you don't own
Just let her be your woman and you'll be her man ..

Instead of feelin' broke, buck up and get yourself in the black
Instead of losin' hope, touch up the things that feel out of whack
Instead of bein' old, be young because you know you are
Instead of feelin' cold, let sunshine into your heart.

Instead of acting crazy chasin' things that make you mad
Keep your heart ahead it'll lead you back to what you have
With every step you're closer to the place you need to be
It's up to you to let her love you sweetly ...

Instead of feelin' bad be glad you've got someone to love
Instead of feelin' sad, be happy there's a god above
Instead of feelin' low, remember you're never on your own
Instead of feel in sad, be happy that she's there at home
She's waitin' for you by the phone
So be glad that she is all your own!

Get happy ... she's waitin' for you by the telephone.
So get back home!


  1. Instead of wastin' time, feel good 'bout what you're dreamin' of.
    This is my new life verse. I will no longer say on the days I do nothing, literaly, I was wasting time, because I was dreaming of all the things I could get done!

  2. I agree - things could be worse. We are 2 unemployment incomes too, but you know what I wouldn't have it any other way right now!

    Lovely song, but you will still be witty and sarcastic too right??

  3. Come visit me on Thursday for "Thankful Thursday" where I accentuate the positive!

    I have the feeling that 2010 is going to be a great year for your family.

  4. There is nothing wrong with having meaningful conversations with your cat (aside), Right, Ginger?

    Ginger agrees.

  5. It is good to be grateful and all that ... but don't lose your sarcasm!


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