January 26, 2010

Random Tuesday Thoughts - 01/26/10

Remember I said that The Boy had a psych evaluation scheduled by the court? Well, we showed up at 8:30, as per court order. Unfortunately, the psychologist didn't show up until after 9:30. Maybe the psychologist (who scheduled the appointment, BTW) didn't get his paperwork.

He did NOT contradict everything the psychiatrist will say at The Boy's trial, despite what the prosecuting attorney said in a previous hearing.

At my house, it appears that one must have a vagina to wash cookie sheets and do laundry. Is that the case at your house? Just wondering...

The Boy donated ALL of his money (ok, it was only $8) to the Haiti relief effort. He felt really good about his contribution. OH, and if you donate to Haiti in January or February of 2010, you may choose to deduct it on your 2009 Federal income taxes. Just a tip.

I have to attend an IEP meeting for The Boy this week - and I'll do it again in a few months, when they figure out what they will do with him next year. I wrote about the changes that are are a-comin' yesterday.

Where did January go? It's almost over. I think February is the longest month of the year, despite that it only has 28 days in it. It just seems to drag - I'm ready for Spring already!

I saw a magazine cover in the store about Jennifer Aniston - "Five Years after Brad" - should we even be counting at this stage? He's gone, he's moved on. Perhaps the magazine editors missed that memo.

I'm weary of the talk about Scott Brown, the new senator from Massachusetts. All of the folks on the news are talking like it was a national election, and that Massachusetts reflects what the rest of America is thinking. He's one man, he's not the Savior of the Republican Party. Let's move on, shall we, news people?

The "cycle complete" buzzer quit on my dryer. I hated that annoying thing - and now, I miss it, for some strange reason.

My Blogoversary countdown widget went crazy, it's wrong, and I haven't been able to get it to reset, even though I deleted the widget and re-installed the code. What gives? 

My brain feels less cluttered now...I'm so glad we had this little chance to talk! 

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  1. 5 yrs after Brad and there is talk he is breaking up with Angelina...hmmm what news worthy articles huh?

    Oh and yes I think here in my house you definitely have to have a vagina to do laundry!

  2. sometimes I think we are overrun with "news"..enjoyed the post this morning.

  3. The psychologist was an hour late to his own set appointment? Interesting!

    It appears that one must have a vagina at my house to wash cookie sheets and do laundry, too. Thanks for reminding me, I have dishes in the sink to deal with, and laundry to switch. ;)

    How sweet of The Boy to donate ALL of his money to the Haiti relief effort! Very cool!

  4. My blogoversary thing messed up too and I remember i had 21 days left the day it messed up and now it says like 240 something days.

  5. My laundry would be in the dryer for days if I didnt have that buzzer...or at least thats what I would blame it on


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