January 04, 2010

There Was this One Day When I Was Glad I Held My Tongue

A week ago or so, when I was out at the movies with Tammy, my gorgeous stepdaughter (she insists that I call her gorgeous), The Mister took The Boy to Barnes and Noble before the lad's Christmas gift card burned a hole in his adolescent pocket.

The Mister, never one to pass up a good bargain, checked out all the 50% off books.

When I got home, I found this on my des

Oh, yippee! A book! I love me some books! The Mister saw that the book was wr
itten by Julie Powell (the blogger behind Julie and Julia); he thought I'd enjoy reading something else she wrote.

Guess what I saw on the cover? The title...it looked like it it was entitled CLEANING. What? HOW DARE HE? Buying me a book about cleaning? We live in a pigsty? WTH? For about ten seconds, I got myself into a bit of a snit.

Not that I don't need a book about cleaning - but the book I need should explain how to get a DESIRE to clean. I already know how to dust, vacuum,sweep, wipe, scour and fluff and fold - I just see no need to do so...as far as I know, Queen Elizabeth is not coming for cocktails. So I let the dust bunnies exponentially multiply. Big deal.

But I digress...

After my ten second fantasy about spousal retribution, my middle-aged eyes saw the real title - CLEAVING. As in a cleaver (not like June Freaking) - the cleaver that butchers use. And my snit? It went into hibernation, and The Mister was not privy to my ill temper.

It was one time I was glad I kept my big mouth shut.

Oh, the book? I started reading it, Julie is cheating on her husband (this was after her Julie/Julia book was published), and she has this great desire to learn how to be a butcher.

I think the story would have been improved if she suddenly embarked on a life of violent crime...but that was not the case.

A girl can dream.

I haven't gone back to the book yet.

I'm so glad I didn't throw a hissy fit about the book...I'd hate this book to be the last one The Mister ever buys for me.

After all, it just may encourage me to start a life of crime.

Or else I may want to resort to baking some creepy looking cakes, like this guy.


  1. I am the last person left that hasn't seen Julie and Julia or read any of Julie's books. I probably would have read this one if she did embark on a life of crime with her cleaver.

    Holly @ 504 Main

  2. Holly you are not alone. I haven't read the book or seen the movie. But I am one to let the dust bunnies multiply also. There are so many fun things do beside CLEAN. That is a nasty word.

  3. Two things: First those were cakes? I was so grossed out by the picture it took me a whilet o figure out why you would post it - creepy! Second why do we have to clean? We have dogs (love them), a cat (so so) and kids (uh, love them too) and well they do nothing to keep it clean but everything to get it dirty. So why do I have to keep clening something that doesn't stay clean?

  4. I thought it said cleaning at first too lol. I havent read her other book or seen the movie either...Im behind the times as usual.

    Those cakes are necessary!

  5. Cute post! I have been wondering about the book as I finally gave in and read Julie & Julia and enjoyed it. However, I am just not sure I would enjoy the cheating on the husband portion of this one.

  6. I almost bought that at Borders on Saturday. (Gift card) You'll have to let us know if it's any good.

  7. How funny! Yes, a book on how to clean would not exactly make my heart sing, either ;) Like the one year my husband gave me a mini vacuum cleaner for Chrismas -- that was one gift that made it back to the store in record time. And he's never given me a cleaning item as a gift again :) Turns out, men really ARE trainable! This is my first time coming by your blog (came from Add Humor and Faith). Fun blog!

  8. Well, you dodged a bullet on that one.

    And she cheated on her husband, hmmmmm? I still haven't read Julie and Julia yet.


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