January 14, 2010

Your Assignment, Should You Choose to Accept - 1/14/10

It's that time again, time to write from Mama Kat's intriguing prompts for her Writer's Workshop. This week's prompts:

1.) Time for your tangent…what is your latest complaint?
(inspired by Jill from I Don’t Want An Oscar)

2.) If you could have given yourself a snapshot five years ago of what your life is like now, what would the picture be of and how do you think you would have felt about it?
(inspire by Sera from Laughing Through The Chaos)

3.) What’s in YOUR name? What does it mean? Why was it given to you? etc..
(inspired by by Jade from Now That I’m No Longer 25…)

4.) Write a letter to the first person who ever broke your heart.
(inspired by Alecia from The Silva Family)

5.) Welcome to the most shocking rose ceremony in writing prompt history. Please award roses to the ten people (or items) in your life that you’d like to continue pursuing a relationship with.

This week, I'm going to write about the snapshot of my life, as compared to five years ago - prompt #2.

Let's do a contrast and compare, ok?

Life category - Location
2005? Lexington, KY - home of sweet iced tea
and mega-large thoroughbred horse farms.
2010? small town near St. Louis, MO - home of toast
ed ravioli and mega-large flea markets

Life category - Love
2005? I was involved with Crazy Arnie, a wacky bipolar guy who liked to rearrange my furniture (like putting the pieces of the s
ectional up on their ends so you couldn't sit anywhere), and then he'd cover every remaining place to sit with his stuff. I'd just sit outside and read - I had a great tan that year. Oh, and when he wasn't doing that, he was causing family discord - and once even tried to get me arrested.

And I didn't even tell you about the retired physician who attempted an internal exam in a movie theater...while his "Mr. Happy" sat in his lap.

Or the guy who made the generous offer
of sex as long as I called him Daddy while he pulled my hair. Good times, that.

2010? I'm married! I still can't quite believe that fact. I just always assumed it would be me and the kid, and then, just me. I mean, who would want an old broad with a boy with serious mental health issues...seems The Mister was willing to overlook and/or master that little fly in the ointment. Lucky me!

Life category - Family

2005? It's just me and The Boy. We ate out too much (wish I could get most of THAT money back), I spoiled the kid rotten, and yet he still misbehaved. My daughters are on their own, I don't see them much (one in NY, one in NC). No relationship as of yet with one year old granddaughter, Jordyn.
2010? Every night, it's The Mister, me and The Boy. We eat in most nights. My daughters are still far away (FL and NC now
), but The Mister's daughters are nearby. I had 18 months of getting to know my daughter's kids (Jordyn and Cameron) when we moved to NY, but then they moved to the warmth offered by Disney World. Now I have four more grandchildren (Desiree, Nate, Eli and Seth) in the area to get to know better. Everyone has been very welcoming to us - they're awesome!

Life category - Work
2005? Yep, I had a job. It didn't suck, thou
gh I was less than thrilled being a contractor. I had some silly notion that it was less stable than being a "real" employee. I had some friends from work, we've kept in touch.
2010? I've been out of work since October 2007 (except for my seasonal work at H&R Block the last two years). Oh, and the job I got laid off from? I was a "real" employee...go figure.

So, if my fairy Godmother took a snapshot of me today and then told my 2005 self that in five years I would be:

Happily married

Cooking and baking all the time
The proud owner of some pretty cute aprons
A homebody who almost never goes out and about
Letting my hair grow past my shoulders
A frugal woman
Watching The Boy have some real success w
ith his behavior
Revealing stuff about us in a blog, for God's sake

I'd tell her that she has a very rich fantasy life...and then ask her to wave her wand to make those five years come more quickly!

Bibitty Bobbity Boo, indeed!

Don't forget to stop by Mama Kat's to read all the great responses!


  1. I LOVE Toasted Ravi's! Used to live in O'Fallon, MO!
    I couldn't even consider looking back 5 years...life was definitely different!!!

  2. Really good post - its crazy to think that we never really see our life being the way that it is now all those years ago!

  3. Just goes to show that you never know what tomorrow will bring! 5 years ago I was working a job I HATED, getting ready to leave it for a job I loved, and not yet pregnant with my 3 1/2 year old daughter.

    Now I'm a SAHM with a 3 1/2 year old, 15-month-old triplet boys and a blog. Who would have imagined that?

  4. Never had toasted raviolas but it sounds good. I think the last five yeards have been good to you. My husband and I just talked about if we would want to go back and start life over and we both agreed we like where we are just fine.

  5. Hey there!

    I was to afraid to attempt this one....5 years ago was a biggie for us...first time I ever moved and was not/did not want to relive it. Yes, I was a chicken!

    Your love category was quite entertaining. Some men are just wacky!

    Flea Markets...I'd be in Heaven!

    Holly @ 504 Main

  6. That picture of the fairy godmother, I'm assuming, looks EXACTLY like Mrs. Garrett from Fact of Life.... cracked me up!

  7. Kerri,
    The page I got it from said that they make characters that look like TV stars and other famous people - I think it IS Mrs. Garrett - I know that's who I thought of right away!

  8. Bwahahaha.

    Great post.

    I long for the money that I invested in restaurants. It's enough to make me cry.

    I have zero aprons, but I would actually like some.

    Baking all the time, you say? I'll be right over.

  9. So other than the no job thing the last 5 years have been good to you!

  10. WOW! what a turn of events huh!? but it sounds like 2010 is gonna be a good year for you!

  11. LOVE the photo!! What a great post. Sounds like you've had some pretty dramatic changes over the last five years, so a snapshot might've been helpful!

    Stopping by from Mama Kat's Writer's Workshop!

  12. We don't know what path is in front of us, but we have to walk it to get to the end.

    And that sound very deep and philisophical, of which I am neither. Weird.

    Thanks for stopping by.

  13. Life sure does change in five years, doesn't it? So much water under the bridge. Some things are better, some worse (or maybe I shouldn't judge the changes). It's just different. I enjoy finding women my age who blog--I'll stop by again!

  14. We don't realize how much we've changed or how far we've come until we spell it out. I didn't attempt this one as I've blocked out most of the events of my life.

  15. Wow...sounds like some....interesting....dates you've been on...

  16. Wow ... what a difference 5 years makes. I always marvel when I look back on a defined period of time like this just how things change.

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  18. You have to express more your opinion to attract more readers, because just a video or plain text without any personal approach is not that valuable. But it is just form my point of view


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