January 21, 2010

Your Assignment, Should You Choose to Accept - 1/21/10

It's Thursday, so it's time once again for Mama Kat's Writer's Workshop. This week, I chose the following prompts:

2.) The strangest dream ever…
(inspired by Amo from Where A Woman Shakes Her Tablecloth.)
3.) Write a list of 10 things that can be done to stave off boredom.
(inspired by Lourie from CA Girl).

The Strangest Dream Ever

For about five years, I had a recurring dream. In my dream, I lived an older apartment in a downtown area. It wasn't a loft, but I did have to climb a ladder to get there (and go through a closed movie theater - go figure). Inside, it was a warm and cozy home. 

But there was one problem - there was a room with French doors that I could not open. I could look through the glass, and see red velvet draperies framing a wall of windows; a window seat with comfy pillows went across the entire length of those windows. There was a fireplace, inviting wingback chairs, and the most wonderful wall of bookshelves. A library! (I think this particular room comes from a book I read as a child - curiously enough, The Velvet Room.)

But I could NOT open the door. No matter what key I used, or how hard I tried, I could not get in that room. I'd just stand outside the door and think wistfully of the hours I'd spend inside that room, lounging and reading, or sitting by the warmth of the fire and while away the hours with books and a cup of tea. 

During this time in my life, I was moving often, getting jobs with more responsibility and a higher paycheck. I lived in okay places, but not a place where I felt I belonged. The Boy and I learned the ropes in the new area, but I never felt perfectly comfortable.

I even had dreams where my brother came and tried to open the door for me - but no luck.

Then, one night, I had the dream. A friend was with me, and like I always did with every visitor, I took her to the door to show her the magic room. She smiled a very knowing smile and said, " It's beautiful from this side. Why don't we go in?"

I turned the doorknob, and the door opened. 

I had finally found my home.

I've never had that dream since. 

 When I'm Bored...
  1. I venture into the Man Cave and annoy The Mister with inane chatter and witty observations about life. He is rarely amused...or maybe he is, it's hard to say...even while he responds to my nonsense, he rarely takes his eyes off his monitor. Dejected (and often pouting), I withdraw.
  2. If I'm bored during a long drive (or a long flight), I make up stories in my head about other passengers. Or I try to list what might be in their wallet or purse.
  3. I do crossword puzzles, or Sudoku.
  4. I think about what each room of my house would look like if I could walk on the ceiling (I've been playing this mind game since I was a child, when I would lie on the bed, and hang my head over the edge and imagine my feet on the ceiling).
  5. I try to remember the name of every homeroom teacher I had during school. Then after I give up on homeroom, I start over with teachers for individual subjects in junior high and high school (no small feat, I graduated in 1975).
  6. I whistle random songs - I love to whistle!
  7. The kids and I used to play word association - saying the first thing that came into our head after hearing a single word...and see how long we could go before we ran out of original responses.
  8. We'd get the Sears Christmas catalog and have to pick ONE item on each page that we'd like to have - it would get funny when we got to the underwear pages!
  9. When I really should be sleeping, but am not quite ready to give up yet, I annoy The Mister as he's trying to go to sleep. I use silly voices, ask dumb questions, pull on individual chest hairs, and just generally make a pest of myself. My favorite activity when The Mister is just beginning to snore is to use my best "golf announcer" voice and whisper how The Mister is doing in our local "Purse and Puff" (his snoring technique) championship. We laugh A LOT - if the neighbors could hear, I'm sure they'd think that we are either crazy, or are tickling each other silly. Can you see why I love this man? He has the patience of a saint! 
  10. I search on the Interwebs for whatever phrase comes into my mind. I hope nobody from CSI ever tries to extract old search terms from my hard drive, or I'll be considered a person of interest for the latest heinous crime spree in the tri-state area embarrassed. In fact, let me clear my history right now.
Please be sure to stop at Mama Kat's and see all the great responses this week!


  1. Oh the hubs is a patient man but I think if I were to pull individual chest hairs it would be enough to just push him over the edge!

  2. I love goggling people when I get bored, or going on the auditors website to see how much my friends payed for their houses....lol

  3. How did you do it? I read the prompts and nothing came to mind, nothing a complete blank and you did two? Anyway I like your dream and that it had an ending to it, a completion.

  4. I think my guy would blow a gasket if I did any of that to him. It's good that you and your husband can have fun together though! Stopping in from MamaKat's!

  5. Great dream and I love #9 on your boredom list :)

  6. That is a cool dream!

    My hubs is the pest in our relationship...sigh

  7. I like the idea of climbing a ladder to get into your house. Sorta : ). I mean, how in the world would you get groceries up there? : ) Maybe if you were single you wouldn't need groceries you could just eat out 24/7 :) although then you would be too fat to climb your ladder.

  8. I loved your list ... I see why we get along so well. (As well as you can "get along" with a complete stranger you've never met.)

    And weird about your dream and never having it again.

  9. LOL great list and writing! Unfortunately my husband doesn't have any chest hair LOL


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