February 27, 2010

Definitely NOT What the Cool Kids are Doing Today

The Boy finally earned back his library privileges. I would not be exaggerating if I said that he LOVES going to the library.

This morning, he got up at 5am, in anticipation of the event. He didn't get up that early for Christmas, ya know? 

Then came the knocks on our bedroom door. And the unusually cheerful "Good morning, Mom!" My sleepy self thinks that it's all part of an effort to ruin my opportunity to sleep in on a Saturday morning, but then I remember our to-do list today.

He's been dressed for hours. 

He willingly unloaded the dishwasher. 

And then he went out to the car to sit and wait for me at 8am - even though the library doesn't open until 9. I urged him to come in, since he neglected to put on his coat.

He returned to his post promptly at 8:50.

And proving that I am the worst.mother.EVER, here I sit typing this post at 9:40 - while he freezes off his boy bits in the car.

And like Christmas, he will rush through the library and have all his treasures in hand in five minutes.

Oh, he's returned to scold me. Off to the library.

He also has a haircut planned, and a trip to Joanne's Fabrics for felt - more about that on another day.


  1. You'd think you hadn't allowed him to go in a year! Poor kid!

  2. Oh wow, he's right on the ball this morning!!

  3. man, that reminds me of when I was a kid. I loved the library too and still do.

  4. Arghhh bad Mommy making him freeze in the car!! ;0)

  5. What a great resource!

  6. This post just made me incredibly happy.

    Books. ♥ Books.

  7. This warms my heart. If only all kids got this excited about the library.

  8. I'm with him! I LOVE the library!


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