February 21, 2010

A Ghost of a Chance - Or a Chance of a Ghost?

Sometimes, when I'm sitting at the kitchen table wasting time on the laptop (and facing the living room), out of the corner of my eye, I'll just see a glimpse of a shadow, moving. 

Or else I'll just have a sense that someone has walked near me.

Or I'll hear a sound from another room...and I'm the only one home (and the cat is within my line of sight).

It's a bit eerie. But I dismissed all of these events as figments of my overactive imagination - until I heard from our neighbor that a young woman died in our home...in our living room. No mention of her death took place when The Mister was working with a real estate broker before the purchase (do people usually mention that kind of stuff?)

I found out that Rachel liked to sleep on the living room floor on a pallet (in this neck of the woods, a pallet is when you put a quilt or two on the floor and make it all cozy). She'd stay up late and watch movies. And one morning in 2001, her mother discovered that Rachel had died during the night.

From a poem I found online (written by her mother, the previous homeowner),Rachel endured a number of disabilities, including mental retardation, attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder, a heart defect, scoliosis and a number of other extensive problems requiring multiple surgeries. She graduated from high school, despite her challenges. During high school, she was a basketball manager for both the boy's and girl's team, and won a school spirit award - the award that bears her name today. She was just 20 years old when she died.

I'm not usually the type who is into the whole spirit visitor thing, but the frequency of these occurrences has me wondering if Rachel is here with us.

After all, that girl had spirit. 


  1. Maybe, whose to say! On the movie last night, the main guy says to his dying mom, that when we die we go to the place where we were the happiest, maybe your house is it for Rachel?

  2. How interesting ... and a little freaky. I'm sure she is a good spirit. But you would think that would have been disclosed.

  3. Oh, a little freaky...and really, that is such a sad story. Hope you come to peace with it. (wait, hope you come to terms with it. yeh, that's better)

  4. I doubt that Rachel's spirit is visiting, but I LOVE your final line.

    An interesting story.


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