February 20, 2010

Just Another Idol with Feet of Clay


Did you watch Tiger Woods' televised apology yesterday? How do you think he did?
Did you believe him to be sincerely sorry? Or just sorry he got caught?

Do you think he even needed to publicly apologize? It's not like his sexual exploits are our business, after all. 

It seems to be the trend, however, to use the media to confess one's sins. Here are a few of the guys who got more attention than they really wanted:

Eliot Spitzer
Mark Sanford
David Letterman
John Edwards

What do they have in common? Power, position and money - and an arrogance that tells them that they can get away with anything.

Another thing they have in common? The public apology. Here's my take on Tiger's turn at the podium:

I watched the pseudo press conference/public statement. The longer he read from his notes, the less I felt that he was truly contrite...until he got to the part about his family's privacy - that was the first time I felt like he was speaking the truth.

I also noticed his mother's posture - her arms were crossed and she looked quite angry until he got to that part of his remarks...then her arms came down from her chest, she seemed to relax a bit.

Tiger had to publicly admit to very private flaws and mistakes. I'm sure it was hard; I'm sure he felt humiliated. Sucks to be him, I guess.

I hope that the press gives him and his family space so that they can get on with their lives. 

May he be the last person to stand before a camera and apologize for his naughtiness...we have enough empty pedestals.


  1. I don't know that he owed the public the apology, he owes his wife and kids one though. But how to you apologize for all he has done? I think that the media and people are way to intersted in other peoples lives, especially their mistakes, but would we want the camera turn around?

  2. I felt he was contrite. I think it was very difficult for someone who is so private to speak about his failings in public. I agree - it shouldn't be our business.

    I am still stunned that his behavior was kept under wraps for so long. With the public's eye on him so much, how did he hide it?


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