February 24, 2010

Mid-Week Brain Dump!

It's Wednesday, and I thought it was time for a general brain dump. I've had little snippets floating in my head lately, thought I'd just get it all out there today.

Yep, I reached 100 followers yesterday - who da thunk it? Eternally Distracted became the 100th person (of which only six are folks I know IRL). I feel extremely humbled and honored that all of you are along for the ride! I hope I can continue to write posts that entertain/educate/make you say "sucks to be June Freaking Cleaver". 

I really appreciate all the comments - I love the supportive ones, I spit Coke Zero out of my mouth on the funny ones, and I continue to learn about myself and all of you as you tell me how you feel about the subjects I tackle on here. I've been a slacker lately on reading and commenting - I vow to do better.

A New Award

I received a Sunshine Award from Evansmom at Just Sayin'. I promise to pass this on later this week, when I have less stuff going on here. Thank you so much! That zinnia makes me think Spring is not far off!

The Boy Keeps on Keepin' On
I haven't been writing too much about The Boy lately - it's February, his rough time. He's not done anything too terrible - he's not been suspended or anything, he's just had a piss poor attitude, and some difficulty keeping his many opinions and comments (and his hands) to himself. He's been doing better at home than at school. I have hopes that his attitude will improve as we move into March.

Finally, A Bit of Good News (Maybe) on the Job Front
Yesterday, in a Post-it note post, I said that I heard from a recruiter about a job that I'd cut my left nut off to get. This is big news, since I haven't had a job relating to my career since the second half of George W. Bush's second term. 

I have seen precious few of "my" jobs posted in the St. Louis area over the past year, and had pretty much given up on the idea that I'd be earning much more than minimum wage for the forseeable future.

Since I started doing the tax job, at slave wages, I had stopped looking on job boards for openings. Well, imagine my surprise when a recruiter contacted ME!

The more I heard about the job description, the closer I came to believe that I was breaking one of the Ten Commandments (isn't coveting a job on that list?).  As I talked to CH about the position, I could feel my posture improving, my voice becoming more animated; I started to feel HOPEFUL, of all things!

I have a phone interview with the company tomorrow (Thursday). The consulting company I am working with has provided me with lots of helpful pre-interview stuff to read and listen to - I started prepping for that phone call last night.

And when I get the job (see, told you I was hopeful - let's add confident to the list)? It means a lot here at the Cleaver Compound. I haven't had a decent paying job since I've been here, and The Mister got laid off at the end of August.

Oh, have I mentioned that the pay rate for this position is the highest I've ever made? Woohoo! This job will remove any of the money anxiety we've been dealing with here. We'll be able to start adding to the savings again, and have a nice beginning at a nest egg.

Health insurance! The Boy is the only one here who has had continuous coverage. There is quite a bit of comfort knowing that if any of us has a health-related crisis, that we can get care without breaking the bank.

But the most personally (as opposed to professionally) exciting thing about getting this job? I will be able to turn in my apron and Swiffer and pass them on to The Mister. He'll hold down the homefront and do all things domestic while he continues to look for work.

And I fully demand expect that he'll do a better job than me.

He'll be my House Boy - for some reason, he pooh-poohed being called my House Bitch.

Damn, he's moody - he's SO ready for the job!


  1. I am so hopeful for you. I will pray for your job interview!!

  2. Congrats on reaching 100 & the new job interview!

    Good luck :)

  3. I'm pulling for you, hope you get the job. Wouldn't it be nice to have a house bitch, whoops, I mean a husband to pitch in with the house work.

  4. I haven't been much of a reader and commenter so all is forgiven from me!

    Boy I hope you get that job, it sounds great for you!

  5. Ooooh! You're gonna have a House Bitch!!! I have a part time House Bitch and I love it!! (My hubby is a firefighter with more days off than on! lol)

    Good luck with the job interview! I'll be thinking of you tomorrow and can't wait to hear how it goes!

    Thank you for stopping by today and for your advice and words of encouragement! Isn't this blog community great?

  6. I so want you to ge thte job! Then you'll have lots of stories to tell about your new house boy!

  7. Hey JFC!!!! Here's hoping your phone interview goes the right way today. I still haven't decided if I like the phone interviews or not. I just as soon go see them and get it over with. I've been looking for a job for ONE YEAR now. Last night I dreamed I got hired as a UPS driver and my boss told me that as long as I keep wearing my hair the same way, he'd be happy to keep me on. I thought to myself "well that means I'm good here till summer comes along" Geez... Just popping over to see what's cookin in your world. I'm loving your blog, the content and layout. Outstanding. I have 3 now, (I'm not board) and stay busy growing them all. Come and see me some time soon. Take care, Keri (a.k.a. Sam)

  8. Oh My God ... I am so crossing my fingers, eyes, toes and everything else for you on this job. I'll even pray for you!!!!

  9. Just found you through Eternally Distracted - so now I get to be Follower 101. Great blog - very funny! And good luck on the job; I'm on the hunt too, only I'm trying to find a job NOT in my field and it seems I'm not qualified for anything else! Come visit if you like! http://crazyisjustrelative.blogspot.com/


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