February 03, 2010

The Scales of Justice Evened Out Today

I have GOOD NEWS! I spoke to The Boy's public defender yesterday. The Boy is NOT going to trial later this month! The charges against The Boy are being dismissed.

A couple of weeks ago, after a courtroom pissing contest, I took The Boy to a school psychologist employed by the Juvenile Office. The prosecutor had claimed that this doctor would say the exact opposite of what The Boy's psychiatrist was scheduled to say at trial.

Au contraire, Legal Eagle. 

The psychologist agreed that The Boy's Asperger's Syndrome (an autism spectrum disorder)  prevented him from forming the intent to assault anybody the day he was arrested and detained. 

Rest assured - what he did was WRONG; he knows this. It is NEVER right for The Boy to strike out physically against anyone, no matter what his disability may be. I will continue to talk to him about the importance of maintaining self-control, as I have always done.

The Boy will now be placed on a shortened timeframe of "informal probation" - just to help keep his good behavior streak going strong (fear is a powerful motivator for The Boy). He is also required to write a letter of apology to his teachers (I think he already met this requirement as a condition of being let back into the classroom).

The public defender is calling The Boy today after school to tell him the good news.  It will be one work day I'll really look forward to a phone call from The Boy...and I bet the conversation will NOT start with the phrase "I'm starving, what can I eat?", like it usually does.


  1. YEAH! That isn't good news - it is great news! I hope the Boy Blogs about it!

  2. Yay! I'm very happy for you. That must be a HUGE relief (having been to various court appearances with my eldest).

  3. Great news! I'm sure you are very relieved.

  4. Woo hoo! I am soooooooo glad for you and your family.


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