February 22, 2010

Thank you, Gordon Ramsay - I May Never Eat Out Again

I will be the first to admit that I'm often behind the times, and slow on the uptake on what's hot on TV. Thanks to Hulu, I can catch up on old episodes of programs that I like (and become a fan late in the game).

Lately, I've been avoiding all domestic responsibilities and watching Kitchen Disasters. I had a rather negative opinion of Gordon Ramsay before I started watching (based on my meager knowledge of Hell's Kitchen); I thought he was loud, arrogant, and just plain mean.

Now, I think he's loud, arrogant, and uses his meanness and intimidation and shame as a motivation tool. And maybe because the chefs on the show are also pretty arrogant, it seems to work - after some soul-searching, he gets them to see it his way. And he may be the only guy on TV who has used the F-word as every part of speech. Every show is a bleepfest.

I like to see the passion for the food, the overarching desire to succeed when the odds are stacked against them. On the other hand, I despise the whiny guys - and the ones who cry like little girls? They should grow a pair and act like a man.

There's one part of the show that gets to me most is the inspection of the kitchen and the walk-in refrigerator. I almost lose my lunch when I see the rancid fruits and vegetables, and I contemplate becoming a vegetarian every time I see a putrid piece of meat or fish. It makes me grateful that we don't have Surround Smell along with our Surround Sound.

The show has turned me into a food critic/snob - I now judge the decor of dining establishments, and avoid places that have pictures of food on the menu. And I try not to think about what might lurk in the corners of the restaurant kitchen if I see tables that are not promptly cleaned off, or a floor that needs sweeping.

And I almost shouted "Order Up!" when dinner was ready yesterday. 

I hope Hulu doesn't keep statistics on my viewing habits...I'd hate to have Gordon Ramsay show up at home and inspect MY refrigerator. 

What would be the scariest thing he'd find in YOURS? 


  1. I love to hate Mr. Ramsey! In my frig it would be the empty vegetable draw. It is empty because a few days ago the hamburger meat leaked and no on told me until yesterday, so it is empty but needs me to clean it. There are 3 teenage boys plus dad so not a lot of food goes to waster here, plus I have three large dogs.

  2. Aha! You have stumbled onto one of my most guilty pleasures. I absolutely love this show and Gordon Ramsey. I also had that preconceived opinion of him but I really think he cares. He knows what to do because he has been to ruin and back with his career and in his own rough way is just telling it like it is. On the other hand, have you watched How Clean is Your House? Pure AWESOMENESS!!! This show rocks. It is on the BBC also.

  3. He wouldn't find much in my fridge cos I need to go grocery shopping. And I hate to go grocery shopping so DH usually has to do it (if he wants to eat) LOL

  4. I adore this show.

    It has pretty much ruined me, though.

    Thank you, reality tv. I am now an expert on evvvvverything. ;D


  5. I love Gordon Ramsay. The people who think he's just arrogant obviously don't watch his shows. I fell in love with Hell's Kitchen, and then read his autobiography. He got it a whole lot worse than he ever dishes out. I never realized cooking was so cutthroat. I love his passion for food and I love his perfectionism. There is no excuse for trying to kill people with a dirty kitchen or rancid food. And I'm glad he tells people about their mistakes. (Of course, I hate the people on Kitchen Nightmares who think their place is above reproach - they wouldn't have applied to have Ramsay come and fix it if it was perfect.) BTW, like you, I cringe whenever I see a menu with pictures now!!! Or one that's way too big. :)

  6. The restaurant inspection bit reminded me that a woman I know told me that when she goes to a restaurant she immediately goes to the restroom. If the restroom is dirty, she doesn't stay, using the cleanliness, or lack thereof, of the bathroom as a barometer of the cleanliness of the whole establishment. I think she may be on to something!

  7. hmmm in my fridge right now he would find some veggies I bought a couple weeks ago that I intended to use for dinner but didnt...and now they could be used in a science experiment. The good news is though it gets emptied today since trash pick up is tomorrow!

  8. Oh I loathe Gordon! He's almost as bad as Simon...they must pay them both a lot of money to be such ass hats!

    Let's see...the worst in my fridge...probably the raisins I am apparently attempting to make by not throwing out old grapes!

  9. Mr. Jenners watches his show and it does boggle your mind how some of these places are run.

    I think he is kind of sexy in a way.

  10. First, you sound kinda whiny...
    But this Internet has made us all entitled whiners.
    If you don't like the heat, get out of the kitchen; change the channel.
    Gordon, Simon, Lex Luther, are just antagonists in the play.
    What we really don't like, is GR telling us the truth.
    I've been in the food biz for 30+ years and don't like eating out.
    I've seen too much in the back of the house and I don't think
    food should cost that much just because someone cooked it and
    someone else brought it to you. It's just food.
    Since you asked, there is something dying in my fridge everyday and
    it's usually romaine or iceberg, those leafy whiners.


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