February 04, 2010

Your Assignment, Should You Choose to Accept - 2/4/10

It's Thursday, and time for Mama Kat's Writer's Workshop. Please stop by Mama Kat's for the list of prompts, and to read all the great responses!

The prompt I chose this week? Write an open letter to a cartoon character. 

Dear Elmer J. Fudd,

It must be so hard to just be you each day. Let's talk about the struggles you face:

First of all, you have the whole speech impediment thing going. Obviously, speech therapy wasn't offered to you - the therapists are quite successful working with your obvious problems with articulation. Maybe someday, you will be able to say that you're hunting rabbits (though I must admit that the sound of 'wabbits' is funny). 

And I really must talk about your choice in clothing - you're a cartoon star, after all. Surely you could have gotten the folks to dress you more appropriately...like, have them draw you with PANTS, for goodness sakes!


Even when you managed to cover up your man bits, you can never be accused of being a dapper dresser, Elmer. Unless you count THIS outfit - here, you were stylin', my celluloid man!

You should also be focusing on choosing better friends, Elmer. You know, I don't write all this to hurt you - I love you, man!

Bugs Bunny is NOT your friend. He goes out of his way to humiliate you, or cause you physical pain. And Daffy Duck is cut from the same bit of cloth - you will NEVER kill him on opening day of duck season. I think you should consider becoming a vegetarian, and give up the idea of dining on rabbit stew or duck from now on.

But after decades of their harassment, I can certainly understand your desire to do away with them. I'm just afraid you will never, ever be able to kill that wascally wabbit.

I root for you everytime I see this video:


Elmer, you are my favorite cartoon guy...I just wish you got more respect.


  1. Ha Hs Ha! This made me laugh outloud. Very clever.

    Stopped by from Mama Kat's

  2. Poor Elmer. He really ought to get to know Road Runner.

  3. Oh this is great! And yeah, what's with the pants thing?
    Stopping by from Mama Kat's.

  4. This was great...Poor Elmer, we have to give him an A for effort though ;)

  5. This letter is so clever. I'm loving all the cartoon character letters, especially yours.

  6. Elmer Fudd. He was my dad's favorite cartoon character and I just never understand why. You've shed some light on the whole situation and now I feel sorry for the guy. Not enough to like him, but still.

  7. Now I'm feeling kind of bad for him!

  8. I love Elmer too...hes one of my fav-wits

  9. That's so funny! I Love Elmer! I hope he would get that Wabbit just one time!

  10. Have you ever listened to Cyndi Lauper sing "True Colors"?. It always makes me think of Elmer Fudd.


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