March 15, 2010

The Boy is Wacko...Literally

One of The Boy's many "interests" (aka obsessions) is Animaniacs. I have spent countless hours viewing episodes against my will on DVD (since the actual cartoons were on TV before The Boy was born).
The Boy got to celebrate his Animaniacs fix this past week in school, when it was 'Dress Like an Animal' Day, in the class' efforts to raise money for the World Wildlife Foundation.

The Boy made the loose association that an Animaniac was indeed an animal. Not only that, he convinced his teacher, Ms. McK, to join in on the fun - she dressed like Dot!

In preparation for this momentous occasion, The Boy nagged me half to death to make the ears and tail he is sporting in the pic. A trip to Jo-Ann's for felt and pipe cleaners, and some quality time with a glue gun, and we had him ready to go.

He also had several "dress rehearsals", just to make sure it all looked up to par.

Yes, The Boy is Wacko...but I'm sure glad he's of the 3-D variety, rather than existing only in an animation cel.

And I hope he stops watching this for tips on how to answer the phone (and believe me, I've called, and he's done it):


  1. Never heard of Animaniacs. What channel is it on? Must ask my ferals.

  2. I liked watching them when they were on too! I also think it would be kindof fun to have the phone answered that way providing it was me on the other end and not someone of importance.

  3. I always loved the animaniacs :) The costume turned out great!

  4. That was a great cartoon. Love the costume.

  5. I don't really know the Animaniacs but the costume is awesome!


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