March 07, 2010


Remember when
we talked?
We'd talk about our plans, big and small.
When we could finish each other's sentences?
We've lost that connection, our wires crossed
or cut.

My fear is we'll move right along
to polite - stilted, obligatory conversations.
Checking each subject worthy of note
from our checklist.

Who hears your dreams now? 
I've lost my confidante,
followed by confidence that we can
go back to the way things were.

My number hasn't changed;
I have a dial tone
My ears are fine, I have words stored up for you.

I'm still here.



  1. I hope you get connected soon.

  2. I have a daughter that I would like to send this too if I could. Thank you.

  3. Woah. Did you write this or is it from Genesis? That is some deep stuff ... and I'm hoping you get connected 'cuz this post made me kind of sad.

  4. There are times in my life, when I could have written this same sentiment, but never so well said! I hope you get a call.

  5. This just makes me want to say awwwwwww...hope the reconnection comes soon


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