March 22, 2010

Jamie Oliver, I'm Sorry! I'm a Bad Parent...Now What?

Last night, I watched a sneak preview of Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution on ABC. He visited Huntington, West Virginia, which has the dubious distinction of being the unhealthiest city in the United States. More on that subject here.

He visited a local elementary school and saw the types of meals the kids were eating - pizza for breakfast, chicken nuggets for lunch. He said that it's not the kids' faults that they're overweight and not eating right - THE FAULT LIES WITH THEIR PARENTS. 

Like we don't have enough to feel guilty about.

Anyway, I am anticipating the launch of the series on Friday, Mar. 26. I want to see how he gets kids to accept, and request, healthier food, instead of always reaching for the sugary cereals or pizza.

I know that folks, overall, are resistant to change. But this is one change for the better. I hope we all learn to do a better job feeding ourselves and our children. 

Let's cook food like our lives depended on it...because they do.

Here's a link to Jamie's Food Revolution site. 


  1. I was always the mean mom that didn't keep junk in my house. Candy at Easter & Halloween and a little at Christmas. Soda was a birthday party only thing. My kids friends were like where's the chips? And they'd hang their heads and say my mom doesn't buy them. I guess there are worse ways to be the mean mom but I don't think my kids thought so!

  2. I take it one step further ... I blame my parents for making me eat bad who in turn make my child eat bad.

  3. You'll love this. Jamie's been fixing the UK for the last couple of years and the schools have adapted and meal-plan accordingly. Children are asked not to bring sweet drinks, sweets and chips to school in packed lunches. The children were "so miserable"and unable to eat the new healthy food that news stations were covering all the mothers standing outside school fences slipping their kids their favourite snacks. Now THAT's bad parenting.


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