March 11, 2010

Ordinary Day Haikus - Mama Kat's Writer's Workshop 3/11/10

It's Thursday, and time again for Mama Kat's Writer's Workshop. This week's prompt:

Write a Haiku that describes what you love about an ordinary day.
(inspired by Jade from Now that I’m no longer 25)

I decided to do my own take on this, and wrote several haikus about a single day. Hey, my blog, my rules, ok?
Sun filters through glass
Time to shake off sleep's mantle
Nice quiet morning

Yellow school bus comes
Seven hours not guarding

Flour, salt, butter
Cocoa, eggs, baking powder
Sugar - great brownies!

Laptop, internet
Blogging - I feel connected
Love reading "friends'" posts

Nutritional food
Not cooked here today, my loves
Call for takeout, please

Perfect day at end
Almost too good to be true
"Wake up, June - dreaming!"


  1. That was awesome! I Loved it!

  2. Of course, your blog, your rules. I did a few as well, be inspired to be creative - don't be held back by 'rules', that's what I do ;-)

    I'm a huge fan of haikus, they are quick to write but you can say so much in a few lines, I think.

    You're making me hungry with the Brownies, I love chocolate. I love the last line, it was unexpected! I was thinking, wow that sounds like a lovely relaxing day!

    Have a great ordinary day today!

    PS Thanks for the link

  3. I didn't know what a Haiku was so didn't choose this prompt. I wrote about my husband's five passions instead.

    Visiting from Mama Kat's Writer's Workshop.

  4. Nice! And so much more interesting than what the real June Cleaver would be doing with her day. Who has time for laundry and cooking and folding and those boring get togethers with boring friends who all wear aprons all day? Blech. Can't wait until mine all go to school so I can take the takes-5-minutes-to-open fridge lock off. Actually, when the last baby boards the bus I'm sure I will cry so never mind.

  5. I'm so enjoying all of this poetry and yours is no exception...very well done to you!

  6. Those were awesome! I loved it :)

  7. Love your blog, your rules :-) My fav part was "Yellow school bus comes
    Seven hours not guarding
    Refrigerator". You had me laughing out loud.

  8. I think I need to get takeout now tonight too. And make brownies... : )

  9. I LOVE these! I laughed out loud. You have such a great blog and I love coming over every Thur. to see what you've written for Writers' Workshop!

  10. Hey Chica,

    How come none of your blog lists show up any more? Have you look at my Fight4CAFuture entries - go to their web site and learn all about our marches and mission. Could you add the site as a fan on your Facebook please? Hey, how 'bout logging on Skype once in a while so we chat. I'm in my third week of beonchitis - oh joy...

  11. Everyone deserves to have their own blog rules!

    Good job. I have to ask - how do you pronounce please - pleus or puhl-lease or ?

  12. I love them!!! The one about the takeout just cracked me up!


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