March 14, 2010

Reading on the Cheap - Or Less

In this troubling economy, many of us are finding ourselves with less disposable income. I, for one, have completely eliminated buying books from my budget.

Here are some sites where you can get your book fix, without breaking the budget:

Project Gutenberg

I've been a Project Gutenberg fan,, for 10+ years. I even read books at work, during downtimes, or during lunch. I felt like such a cheater, reading Pride and Prejudice while getting a paycheck!

The creator of Project Gutenberg is the inventor of the Ebook (he started way back in 1971). The site has over 100,000 free books available for download.

They also need volunteers to record audio books, so if this strikes your fancy, sign on and help them out!

Feedbooks,, is one site where you can download FREE ebooks. Of course, you won't get today's best sellers - the books on the site are in the public domain (meaning that their copyright has expired); they are free for the taking...or downloading, in this case.

Feedbooks is a French company, started in 2007. They also offer news feeds from other sites and newspapers.

Feedbooks also has a self-publish feature. So all you budding authors, get on over there and post your latest writing!

Feedbooks has multiple download formats: EPUB, MobiPocket/Kindle, PDF and Custom PDF.
Project Gutenberg has EPUB, MobiPocket, HTML and simple text formats.

More about MobiPocket
Some libraries offer ebooks in MobiPocket format. I was a member of a library in NY that had an extensive ebook catalog. All I had to do was download the MobiPocket app and search the catalog for the ebooks I wanted to read right from my laptop or desktop. For three weeks, they were mine. After the time expired, I couldn't open the files anymore, and I just deleted them.

Check your local library, where the world of books is always free!


  1. Thanks for the tips! I've been reading P&P on my phone from one of these free places. I have to check out MobiPocket now.

  2. There's also Better World books where you can still get real books but they are excellent prices. I got a brand new Stephen King for $ shipping. It's pretty cool. Plus all the proceeds goes to fund literacy so that's cool too :) here's their website:

  3. Looks like you have some fabulous links there. I am terrible at reading... I am sure one book a year is not near enough?!! ;0)

  4. I've gotten a few ebooks from Project Gutenberg. I'll have to check out the others.


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