April 25, 2010

Bless Me, Paul Mitchell, For I Have Sinned...An Update

It's been 368 days since my last haircut. It's been nearly that long since I even tried to style my hair.

Today, I'm going to do penance for my cosmetological sins.

I'll be getting a "kitchen cut" - that's what gorgeous Tammy (she makes me call her that) calls it when you go to someone's house for a cut, instead of to a salon.

Baby steps, people. A kitchen cut may be all that my system can handle.

A cut and highlights are on the agenda. 

This means that a cursory brushing and a ponytail holder will no longer be my entire haircare regimen.

Egads. I might turn into a girl. 

I'll have to re-introduce myself to the round brush and dreaded HAIR PRODUCTS.

I'm scared, but in a good way.

Who knows what will be next?

Heck, I might even shave my legs. 

Do you think it's time? 

Legs really belong to Mo'Nique. I think she would need to use a brush hog to clean THOSE legs up.


  1. I'm with you I just got my haircut and colored after well at least longer than a year. And yes now I blow dry and curl, straighten and apply makeup - gad! I won't tell you about my legs, I will say I'm glad its not short weather here yet!

  2. Please June, don't become a girl...I need all the support I can get to justify why I spend $75 at a salon once an age only to let the style grow out and the roots grow in.

    Next thing we know, you'll be buying that smelly stuff. You'll have a collection of little bottles of this 'n that like I do, having never quite found the scent that will make up for years of denying my feminine side.

    And if you shave your legs,I lose support for the "my relatives in Poland don't shave their legs" defense!!!

    But if this makes you happy, well, I'll have to find someone else to join my "Women Against Becoming a Girl" or WABG (wish I could have thought of a catchy name, darn it!).

  3. LMoore,
    Don't fret. I have never found a scent that can overpower the stench of disillusionment of all things frilly!

    And the hair thing? I hate how it looks now, I figure any style I get today will provide a respite from the revulsion I currently feel...for a while, at least.

    And not shaving is saving the environment. No plastic razors, no aerosol cans of shaving gel. The two of us are saving the ozone layer. That beats hirsute European relatives, in my book.

  4. LOL good luck, I'm sure it will turn out good! I cut my own hair and my hubby's :)


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