April 21, 2010

The Boy's Autism Awareness

it's STILL Autism Awareness month. I had plans to post a few things about Autism, and how it impacts the lives of our children, and family, on a daily basis. But I got really lazy busy, and just posted when I had time felt like it.

Who better than our very own The Boy (TB) to ask about the impact of Autism? 

Me: What is autism?
TB: It's a disease that affects your brain, that's all I know about it. And there are some who are more severe, like the woman from Autism Is a World, who depressed us both, and less severe, like me. (I posted about that woman, here).

Me: What are the signs and symptoms of autism?
TB: Random angry outbursts, freaking out for no particular reason at all. Not being able to make eye contact (but I'm good at it). My social skills are in the toilet. That means that I have trouble keeping on topic in a conversation. I'd like to keep on topic, but it bores me. I'd rather talk about stuff I like: Animaniacs, old cartoons, movies, puppeteering, stuff like that.

Me: How does having autism affect your daily life?
TB: It doesn't.  It really doesn't, Mom.

Me: What difficulties does autism create for you? 
TB: I don't make that many friends. I am very sensitive to people saying 'retard' in front of me (that happens all the freakin' time). I don't really like loud noises (but my mom says that if I'm the one creating the loud noise, then the volume doesn't bother me).

Me: What's one piece of advice you want to give about kids with autism?
TB: We're just like you, we just don't pay as much attention. One word of advice? Don't be mean to people with autism. That's all I can think of, Mom.

Me: What's one good thing about autism? 
TB: Being able to say "if you don't let me get on the plane, I'll freak out."

He used that line when the size of our cat carrier almost prevented us from boarding a plane. It worked; the cat had her own seat, beside us. I think she enjoyed not having to smell stinky feet for that last leg of our trip.


  1. I love that he says autism doesn't affect his daily life, and that he's good at making eye contact.

  2. Me: How does having autism affect your daily life?
    TB: It doesn't. It really doesn't, Mom.

    That really got to me. Like he is trying so hard to comfort you. Good for him and it is nice to see the silver lining! : )

  3. I loved seeing it through his eyes. It breaks my heart that he says not to be mean to people with autism. It just breaks my heart that people are mean in general to anyone.

  4. I think his answers were awesome. Thanks for letting us see him that way :) And tell him I really, really don't like the word retard either. People should NOT use it!


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