April 02, 2010

The Day I Grew a Pair, Telephonically Speaking

The other day at the tax office, I answered the phone. The woman on the other end had some questions about taxes (we get many calls of this nature); we dispense free advice, and get on with our day.

Our office is the only (name brand) tax office listed in one of the St. Louis phone books (even though we are almost an hour south of the city). We get folks asking for phone numbers for city offices, and general (and specific) tax questions. I look up numbers, I give advice (and ask the office leader to help if the question is beyond my tax knowledge).

Anyway, back to THE call. The woman was asking the questions (I'm thinking potential client, so I'm helpful and responsive). She has a freelance writing business, and has been very busy - she's hired writers to help.

Ding, ding ding! Writers! Pick me, pick me! (Rest assured, this part of the conversation was merely in my head). Dare I ask her if I could do some work for her? I don't dare.

After she hung up, I think about the call. I don't know her name, I don't know her number. I think about a lost opportunity.

I realize that if another person calls in for an appointment or advice, her number will be lost to me FOREVER.

Against my nature, I screw up my courage and dial *69, and get her number. I think for a minute. Dare I call? Do I have the guts? My co-workers encourage me.
I dare.

I feel nervous. I feel intrusive. I feel nosy. Here I am, asking a complete stranger if she'll give me a job.

I feel hopeful.

I offer to write a sample. She likey. Me likey, too.

I'm now doing freelance work for her. I'm writing web content that will end up on lawyers' web sites. I have nine articles left to write. And I have new money in my PayPal account.

And I can sit in my jammies and earn money. It's a dream come true. (And the song "I am Woman, Hear Me Roar" continues to go through my head).

I'm invincible, ya know?


  1. Congrats on the freelance job!
    I'd be too nervous to do something like that, so kudos to you.

  2. woo hoo!
    Wow congrats on having the balls to call back! that would have been hard for me to do... but it's great that you did it!! : )

  3. Wow you have way more courage than I do! Congrats on doing what you love!

  4. How awesome! Congrats!! and Happy Easter if I don't see you tomorrow :)

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    Happy Easter!

    Bridgette Groschen
    The Groschen Goblins

  6. GOOD FOR YOU!!!!

    Hope you have a great holiday weekend!!

  7. Stopping by via Friday Follow to say hello!

    Have a great weekend :)

  8. Way to go, that is awesome!! Nothing ventured, nothing gained!

    Dropping in from FF!


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  12. congrats! Following from Friday Follow. Please stop by when you can.


  13. Oh, I would SO SO SO love to find something like you've found! I do full time daycare for my two preschool grandsons and having freelance work like that would be wonderful for something to do on an 'adult' level! I am so happy for you! I have to tell you a funny one...I had your blog earmarked in my Bookmarks. I'm not sure how I'd found it but I'm glad I decided to weed thru my Bookmarks this evening and find my way over here. What a great blog! I'll be back, and I hope you stop by and get acquainted, too.

  14. I am SO happy for you! Good for you for taking the bull by the horns and going for it!


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