May 15, 2010

Autism Weekend Warrior - Special Needs Summer Camp

I'm participating in Weekend Warriors with Jane at the Adoption of Jane UG-Lbc.

For the past couple of weeks, I've been on the phone and wearing out Google, in an attempt to get The Boy to a week of camp again this summer.

As you know, the grownup Cleavers here are both unemployed, so coming up with the $425 for six days of sleepaway camp is a bit of a struggle.

Last year, when The Boy attended camp (which he LOVED, BTW), we got some funding from two different disability organizations in our county.

And this year, they came through again! Yippee!

The application has been sent in, I've received his camp packet, and filled out most of the forms. Monday morning, I will return to the pediatrician's office and pick up his required physical form, and mail all that paperwork in. 

And on June 20, The Boy will be one happy camper at Sunnyhill Adventure Camp! He'll have
fun participating in
'canoeing, fishing, climbing, caving, archery and other activities designed to delight the outdoor enthusiast while allowing for the creature comforts of air conditioning and a warm bed".  Doesn't that sound like fun?

Also, the camp hires counselors from different countries - last year, The Boy learned a bit of Polish! 

All that's left to do is to mail in the entire packet and get what seems to be 87 articles of clothing and personal care items ready for his arrival date.

And then The Mister and I will be very happy campers at home! Hopefully this year, I won't sit here and wonder when the camp is going to call to tell me he's in trouble.


  1. That is so awesome that he gets to go again. My nephew Hunter goes to MDA camp in the summer thanks to sponsors because it is very expensive. $825 to be exact so I always donate to the MDA and if you see the little papers at stores for $1 donation, please do it! It helps so many kids who wouldn't get to do these things otherwise.

  2. That sounds so fun!! Really good the Special Needs Community helped you out.. can't wait to hear all about it! Thanks for joining Weekend Warriors!

  3. btw June Freaking Cleaver... I'm Claire Freaking Huxtable.. (of course without the Bill Cosby Husband and the closet full of obnoxious bright sweaters!)


  4. Fun times! And, I asume, the Parentals will get some alone time, no?

  5. Yeah for the Boy and yeah for time at home for Mom and Dad.

  6. I'm so glad this worked out ... it sounds like a good time for everyone!

  7. Yay! Think they give funding to get over worked parents like yourself a couple days at a spa?

  8. I never got to go to camp when I was young. Im sure he is gonna have a blast!

  9. Hi I am stopping by your blog in search for mom's raising bipolar children. My daughter, age 6, is currently diagnosed with ADHD and comorbid anxiety disorder. There is something in my gut saying that this does not quiet describe my daughter. I am well connected with many mom raising children with ADHD, and although the children share many of the same behaviors, our biggest struggles are anger, sleep, and irrational outburst. These are all present on or off ADHD meds and come and go in 1 to 10 day intervals typically but not always. She never has more than 3-4 good days in a row. I would love to hear from a mom who is in the midst of this. How early was your child diagnosed? What did you see early on?

  10. sorry I realized that I hadn't left any contact info after I left that comment. my email is

    We do see a psychiatrist at our nearest Children's Hospital. We have a wonderful pediatrician who gave us a referral from the beginning, saying that this was not her area of expertise and she would be willing to ditribute meds once Sadie was stablized on a med. I don't think we are there yet, after 2 years.
    Thak you for your quick response.


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