May 26, 2010

Eli is a Preschool Graduate!

Grandson Eli graduated from preschool the other day. We were lucky enough to attend the festivities. Not wanting to be Debbie Downer (I posted how I feel about these pseudo-graduation ceremonies here), I kept my trap shut and manned the camera.

The kids were instructed to dress like the career they hoped to have when they grow up. Of the nine children graduating, the following careers were represented:

Four police officers (complete with nightsticks and handcuffs)
Princess - my personal favorite.

Eli, as police officer, standing beside the astronaut 
Not a future teacher in the whole bunch. No mommies, no daddies. And as gorgeous Tammy (she insists I call her that) whined, "no accountants".

The kids sang (well, they didn't really sing, so much as they yelled, and not with any thought to melody) several songs. Think of "A Chorus Line", but for the hearing impaired.

Seth, who sat behind us, had a great time "singing along" and clapping.

Who knew there were so many songs about graduating preschool and going to kindergarten? It must be a growth industry of which I had no prior knowledge.

Graduation caps were exchanged for their career headgear, and diplomas were passed out.

We retired to the church basement for refreshments.

A good time was had by all.

Eli will be five years old next month, and he'll be off to Kindergarten in the Fall. He's growing up!


  1. Those preschool graduations are so cute.

  2. I love the idea of dressing like what you are going to be when you grow up!!!

    Good for you for "taking one for the team."


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