May 05, 2010

Mid-Week Random Brain Dump

Just wanted to organize some of the junk rattling around in my head:

Flooding in Nashville. Where's the outrage? Where are the commercials to tell you to text a number to donate money? Due to the new immigration law in AZ, and the Coorespondent's Dinner in Washington, and the Pakistani dude who wanted to blow up an SUV in Times Square, the news about the flooding in Nashville has been an afterthought.

Approximately half of the state of Tennessee's 95 counties have been declared disaster areas. Almost nobody had flood insurance, as nobody ever expected thirteen (13) inches of rain in two days!

I lived in Nashville for 3 years. The Boy was born in Baptist Hospital there; my daughter Shannon graduated from high school in Nashville, and from college in Clarksville (also flooded). 

Nashville holds a special place in my heart. I'm sure the city will recover, eventually. I sure hope it doesn't turn into another post-Katrina experience for its citizens.
It's Day 3 of Zap Out Smoking - and still having success! Apparently, auriculotherapy has a success rate of 85% - even though some people think it's all a bunch of hooey.

I still think about cigarettes, but it's been a series of fleeting thoughts, and no action toward the pack on my car seat.

The actual zapping was interesting. The operator, a funny guy named Dick, used a machine that looked like this:

I was thinking Dr. Frankenstein for just a second or two. 

He put the stylus in my ear (not in the ear canal), and held it there, while I heard the machine whirr and emit a high pitched squeal. 

It didn't hurt, exactly, but it was slightly uncomfortable. It got pretty hot, and it almost felt like getting poked with a needle. I'm left handed, so he said the left ear would be the easier of the two - he was right. The right ear felt hotter.

When he was done, I had no desire for a cigarette (and it had been two hours since my last puff).

Somehow, the inside of the cheek is related to the impulse for nicotine, so he suggested holding ice inside your mouth if you feel the urge to smoke.

I haven't really been jonesing for a cigarette, but I have had a pretty good craving for Popsicles.
I've been feeling really TIRED and SLEEPY lately (don't think it's related to the lack of nicotene, the sleepiness started before I got zapped).

Lately, I just get this feeling of urgency - if I don't immediately go and lie down and sleep, I feel like something really bad will happen to me. 

All activity must STOP (yesterday, I prodded The Mister to stop folding laundry on the bed), just so I can lie down. I think I told him that I will just DIE if I don't lie down, RIGHT NOW.


After a nap of unknown duration, I feel fine again...until the urge hits me again, like a ton of bricks.

I guess it's good I'm a shiftless, unemployed bum, so I can take the naps I feel I HAVE to take.

Wonder what's up with this new anxiety-filled activity?


  1. Hey June! I'm thrilled that your anti-smoking-ear-zapping-contraption-thingy worked!! But, I'm really sorry to hear about your tiredness. And what's weird is that I've been experiencing more tiredness than usual....yeah, I've always been tired...just seem to have a low energy level......BUT, mine hasn't been to the "anxiety" level that yours is. I hope you feel better soon, and/or get checked out by a fabulous doc!!

  2. Glad your zapping session went well. That's quite intersting, I've never heard of that before.
    Oh My Gosh! How could you stop your husband from folding laundry!?
    When my husband wants to lie down and there's laundry on the bed he just lovingly shoves it on the floor.

  3. I'm not a big news person but I saw (on a blog) about what is happening in TN and I was like "Why are we not HEARING about this more?"

    And that is so cool that your ear zapping things seems to be working. Keeping my fingers crossed.

    And I have the same sudden feelings of tiredness sometimes. Like I have to lie down IMMEDIATELY. Weird.


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