May 21, 2010

Navigating the Swamp of Sadness...When a Book and Movie is a Metaphor for My Life

It's MY Neverending story.

The nothing has come - again. Its black cloud of despair obscures my view. Everything around me looks bleak and hopeless.

Sleep and Netflix are my refuge from the Swamp of Sadness. 

I am sinking.

I don't go out unless it's for The Boy. I don't cook. I don't clean. 

I just don't care. Apathy is my constant companion.

Depression is a bitch. 

Where are Atreyu and Bastian when I need them? Let me find my way out of the Swamp, and soon.


  1. I've been non-existant in the blogosphere of late... trying to figure out exactly how one parents four children with compassion and sanity, successfully.
    I came on and read your title and LOVE that book... I'm sorry that you are struggling right now.
    Depression does suck.
    I have no wisdom for you, but am sending you my thoughts.
    take care lady

  2. I can speak to the whole depression thing too. I hope things start getting better soon!

  3. June ... you are scaring me!!
    I've suffered from depression off and on throughout my adult life and finally just gave up fighting it and take antidepressants to keep me feeling not too high and not too low. It isn't worth sinking so low that you feel like you can't get up. Please be well and come back soon.

  4. In the words of the oh-so-wise Dori of Finding Nemo fame, "Just keep swimmin', just keep swimmin'.

    I assume you know my snarky sense of humor is my mask. Eventually it will be good again. And then bad. And then good. And the better. And then worse.

    Just keep swimin'.

  5. Finding a reason to breathe everyday can be a challenge but when you find a passion, something that makes you smile then breathing becomes easier. Go and try find that something, don't feel quilty if its not the boy or your home, just find that something that makes the world a more beautiful place to be in.

  6. I agree with what everyone has said. You don't deserve to be unhappy and depressed You count. You matter. You deserve to be happy and find peace. I'm available to chat (isn't skype wonderful?).


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