May 07, 2010

Paying Good Money to Hear Babies Cry

Tonight, I'm going to meet Hattie.

And Bayar.

And Ponjiao.

And Mari.

And in one hour and 19 minutes, I will get to watch all four of them through their first year of life.

The gorgeous Tammy (she insists I call her that) and I are going to see the documentary Babies.

The film follows four babies in four very distinct parts of the world.

I imagine I'll see perhaps two or three babies who don't have all the latest equipment and toys, and one or two that do. I wonder what advantage or disadvantage that stuff provides? And isn't most of that stuff for the parents, anyway?

Oh, and if you walk into the theater, looking for us? I'll be the one NOT suffering from baby fever.

Unless you count GRANDbaby fever - I've got that covered. 

Here's the official trailer. Enjoy! 



  1. Adorable, I am so going to have to go check this one out!

    Thanks for sharing the trailer here, I hadn't seen or heard anything about it!

  2. Oh ... I bet this is very interesting.


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