May 19, 2010

Seth Turns Two (and Grandma Loses Her Cool)!

Up until Saturday, I had adhered to the (unwritten) Law of Gifts Bestowed by Grandparents. Did you even know there was such a law? No? Well, I hope my disregard of said law doesn't mean it will be rescinded.

Gifts from grandparents to grandchildren are special, because grandchildren are special. Grandchildren are gifts in themselves - we grandparents (though we may wish for them) can only sit back and wait for these bundles of joy to be placed in our arms. These babies reaffirm the idea that it's very good that we did NOT kill our own children during their adolescence - grandchildren are the payoff for our perseverance. 

Seth turned two years old on Saturday. I've written about Seth before. He is the most good-natured fellow. He is the giver of many hugs and mmmuuuaaahhhh kisses. He is the boy who says "Thank you, Grandma" AFTER EVERY SINGLE BITE OF FOOD I GIVE HIM. The kid even likes to clean up his toys!

And I failed him in the gift-giving department on Saturday.

Gifts from grandparents should be one or more of the following:
  • Expensive - something outside mom and dad's budget
  • Mess-producing - think Playdoh, markers, indoor water toys (all of which I've purchased in the past)
  • Noisy - toys that will NOT turn off, and whose battery compartment has a screw so tiny that there is no household tool small enough to remove the screw. And if not electronic, think drum sets, mind-numbing DVDs or noise- or voice-activated toys.
  • Something mom or dad said NO to - ahh, to carry on the tradition of ignoring parental wishes!
  • Impractical - frilly dresses that require either dry cleaning or hours of ironing, Lego sets that have a gazillion pieces, tight, sparkly Barbie outfits (impossible to put on Barbie's freakazoid figure), board games that require LOADS of parental supervision and interaction.

Gorgeous Tammy (she insists that I call her gorgeous), when asked for an appropriate gift, made several suggestions (none really fit into the 'Grandparent-approved' category above). She is VERY influential, and to be frank, a bit I caved.

I have officially lost my "cool Grandma" status, gift-givingwise. Last night was his first night with his Big Boy Bedding. Do you think Seth is disappointed?

Good night, Seth. Next year, I promise - I'll get you something that will have Mommy and Daddy cursing under their breath.


  1. Aunts without children get to do the same thing. It's payback for all the mean things said child's mother did to said aunt during childhood.

    My first niece got a lot of noisy toys until she was 5 years old.

    Good times.

    You did great, Grandma.

  2. Aww, but it is so cute. You would have won in my book!! My brother has bought the most annoying toys in the world for my son. Think Hummer that plays slow ride and dances and goes forwards and backwards and squeals tires and police car that hs the loudest siren ever. They WOULD NOT die. BUT, he just had his first baby and guess what Auntie gets to do for his sweet boy. Yep, drive the parents crazy.

  3. I give my grandkids a $50 bond (cost $25/ snicker, snicker!) and then send more $ for the parents to buy something because I don't live close enough to really know what they would like to have, or what their parents wouldn't like for them to have! LOL!

    I think Seth was pleased!

    I came by way of 'in the gutter'. I'll continue to follow you!

  4. lol you are too funny. Those grandparents rules are soo true. I already hate some of Aiden's noisy toys thanks to his grandparents. They also give him things I say no too food wise... that's why they are popular though.

  5. I do the same thing with my granddaughter. Always has to be an over-the-top gift that she'll remember forever and love me best for! I'll bet he loves his bedding, though. Just tell him when he's in bed snuggled in his cute sheets, it's like a big hug from you all night!

  6. Lol my mom does all that when buying stuff for our little one :) hehe! Seth doesnt look disappointed at all what a cutie!

  7. Oh my goodness, your grandson is one of the cutest little boys I have seen in my life! He is absolutely adorable! Growing up, my grandparents always gave us things like clothes or socks or lotion - boring stuff. Our aunt, however, always gave us cool and interesting toys that our parents hated but we loved!

  8. Oh NO WAY!! I LOVE those sheets, Thomas would have been so excited to get that as a gift!

    Heck I'd be excited to get they make them in king size? =)

  9. So funny. My Mom must have bought the hardback of Gifts Grandparents Should Buy and memorized it.

    I would be thrilled with that bedding (I'm scary too) and believe it or not, so would my warped children.

  10. Just think the bedding will last a lot longer than the toy. Next year when you buy the cool gift he will still have the bedding!

  11. He seems like a kid who would be happy if you gave him a rock ... so I don't think you "messed up" too bad!

  12. Cutie Pie Seth looks like a happy camper with those sheets (what a smile that kid has!). Toys will break but he'll have that bedding for quite a while and I'm sure it'll be his favorite to lay on whilst drifting off to slumberland and sweet dreams. Plus, how could you ever be anything but a cool grandma! :-)


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