June 05, 2010

Fun and Games with Jenners: Six-Word Memoirs

Once again, it's time for the silly hijinx provided by Jenners, in her world-renown and impossibly popular meme, Fun and Games with Jenners. This week's inspiration came from Not Quite What I Was Planning: Six-Word Memoirs by Writers Famous and Obscure (edited by SMITH Magazine).

To explain it simply, create six-word memoirs that define your own life. Here are mine. Go ahead, literary agents, I'm ready to talk when you are!

  • Left-handed chick in a right-handed world 
  • Parenting skills learned on the fly 
  • Always moving - new states, new adventures 
  • Poor selection skills leading to divorces 
  • Lost virginity in back of Beetle 
  • Hated piano lessons, liked the flute 
  • NO badges on green Scout sash 
  • Three children loved with one heart 
  • Baby at 19, third at 38 
  • Did I really need more chaos?
  • Loved "fixer uppers" as my mates 
  • Mental illness does run in families 
  • Has worked for cash and benefits 
  • Job seeking task has no results 
  • A living example of bad choices 
  • Providing comic relief for 50 years 
  • I give lazy a bad name 
  • Happy I'm still waking up daily 
  • Fears vital lessons learned too late  
  • Avoidance of conflict at every opportunity 
  • Just a warped mind, it's scary 
  • Liking paisley in a polka-dot world
Join in, link up - and check out all the wonderful responses! Come on, anyone can think of six-words!


  1. how fun! lol describing your life in 6 word phrases has to be tough but you did a good job :)

  2. Those were sooooo good. I don't think I have the brain power to play this game. My favorite
    Just a warped mind, it's scary. hahahaha. We are kindred spirits.

  3. These are GREAT!! I'm going to have to do it, too...you inspired me. I love the left-handed chick in a right-handed world. Oh, girl..I am SO there with you!!!

  4. I went right off and did it:


  5. OK, OK...I usually don't link to stuff like that but you convinced me, haha!

  6. Oh ... I love these. I think one of my favorites is "liking paisley in a polka dot world." : )

    And one that I thought of after I did my post was:

    Single. Married. Unhappy. Divorced. Remarried. Happy.

    Sometimes it takes a while to find the right one and to get over our bad decision making skills!

  7. my favorite was lost virginity in back of Beetle :) hope you had a good weekend.

  8. Awesome!! I submitted one of those to Smith online about a month ago. I never heard anything, and I've been back a time or two, to see if it's listed. Do you know how they choose which ones show up online?


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