June 07, 2010

I'm Never Gonna Be Julie McCoy, No Matter How Many Times I Stamp My Feet

Everyone remember her? Julie, the perky, unfailingly cheerful Cruise Director for The Love Boat?

Shuffleboard? Sure thing.
Swimming? You bet.
Dancing? Uh huh.
Drinks on the Lido deck? You got it.

Julie made sure all cruise activities activities went off without a hitch. She wanted ALL the passengers of the Pacific Princess to have the times of their lives.

And me, the non-Julie McCoy?

I'd just like to get all three of The Mister's children in the same place at the same time for a Father's Day event.

This is my second year at this next-to-impossible scheduling nightmare.

Last year, I primed the pump with a girls' lunch out ahead of the actual targeted event.

And on the day I wanted them to all show up for a family picture? SUCCESS!

Aren't they all cute? If you like, you can read about last year's adventure here.

This year, we have an outing planned for June 12, in the AM. I can't be more specific than that because The Mister reads my drivel blog from time to time.

I'm sure that our military can plan strategic maneuvers more easily than I can get these folks to agree on a final plan due to conflicts in time, date, location, transportation and finances.

They have the weirdest non-communicative communication style of any family I have known.

After my father died in 1983, my mom would pick a date and time and family showed up - and I was enlisted to be the kitchen wench. I held that distinction of cook and bottle washer all the years I was in the area (until my mother went to a nursing home).

With my own kids, I make a few phone calls, and a suitable time and date is agreed upon. I don't even have to flex any Mommy muscles. Easy peasy.

I've come to the conclusion that I am neither mean nor patient enough to whip this family into shape and bend them to my will.

This totally blows my street cred as evil stepmother all to Hell.



  1. Dont you hate when your plans are foiled!?

  2. Love that picture! You have a beautiful family. I hope the plans come together for you :)

  3. Great photo!!! And I'm very very curious to see what this Father's Day event is!

  4. That is the most beautiful family photo I've seen in a long time! Congrats to you! Are you in this picture somewhere?? Or is that The Mister in the center and all the rest are kiddos??

  5. He and I are not in the picture. I did all of this organizing without his knowledge.

    It's just kids, spouses and grandkids...oh, and The Boy, the redheaded stepchild.


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