June 04, 2010

I've Always Been Hippy - No, Wait, I Mean a Hippie!

As some of you may recall, my birthday was in April. Well, I've been waiting for one last birthday gift to be bestowed upon me - and now I have it!

Granddaughter Desiree took Home Ec this year in school (yes, they still have the class, only now it's co-ed). Back in the Dark Ages, when I was in junior high, the girls took Home Ec, and the boys took Wood and Metal shop - I was envious, I wanted to take all of it, and learn how to use tools as well as how to be June Freaking Cleaver in the kitchen.

As part of Des' sewing class, she made me an awesome apron! I already knew what she was making, and even what fabric she had chosen - that girl can NOT keep a secret!

The reason I had to wait until now to receive my apron? Des had to wear something for cooking class - so this thing has already been broken in! How cool is that?

And she was the only one in class who decided to fold up the bottom of the apron to create pockets.

And as an extra special birthday treat, she even included Home Ec cooking crumbs in the pockets! I love this girl!

This apron is to die for! Isn't the patten just like...so groovy, man?

Here's a pic of The Boy, modeling the apron for me...doesn't he look happy?

Once again, I am reminded that The Boy resembles a star from TV and film:


  1. The pic is so funny! Love the apron :)

  2. he looks just so sexy in it. :)
    and it is really nice looking. lucky woman.

  3. Quit compairing me to Sam The Eagle!!!

  4. Yes ... the model could do with an attitude change!! HAHA!

    What a sweet gift .. and any food that might spill on it will not be found with that pattern!

  5. Love it! I had to make an apron in home ec and mine wasn't near as cool as hers! Mine was just the color of a potato sack. Plain and boring. That girl's got talent!

  6. That is SOOO cool!! No wonder you're proud of her!! It's like...totally rad and groovy, man!

  7. That is so great! I love the pattern!


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