June 11, 2010

I've Always Heard that Karma is a Bitch...Why Does She Have to be Such a Slow Bitch?

I know the title of this post sounds mean-spirited, like I'm all bound up in vengeance and other nasty stuff.

Nope, that's not it at all. It's just that I keep reading about people getting screwed left and right, and the person or persons responsible keep getting off Scott free (hey, who is Scott, and why is he free?) 

Here are two current news stories that have my panties in a wad:

For example, take this Joran Van der Sloot character - the one who was accused 5 YEARS AGO of killing Natalee Holloway. Five years to the day, he's in Peru, and he kills a girl - perhaps his second murder. And ya know who paid for his little vacation? Our own FBI, as part of a sting operation. The agents didn't quite have enough evidence to arrest him YET (for allegedly extorting money from the Holloway family)...well, kids, now he is looking at 25 to 30 years in a Peruvian prison. Karma may have come five years late, but when she's had to wait like that, she is one mean bitch.

Oh, the latest news is that Van der Sloot knows the location of Natalee Holloway's body - ya don't say!

My other gripe today has to do with BP and the oil spill/spew in the Gulf. Thanks to poor working equipment (thank you, Haliburton), and poor procedures in place by BP, there was no real plan sitting in a nice binder on a shelf on what steps to take if an explosion took place. And the shut off valve was fixed improperly. And the battery died.

It's been FIFTY DAYS...where's the progress on stopping this leak?

Oh, watch one live oil spill cam, to see how much is spewing as you read this:

Now maybe if the government agency who was supposed to be monitoring the drilling (the Minerals Management Service - MMS) had been doing their job instead of accepting cash and other nifty gifts from oil companies, they could have told BP to get a plan together pronto, or shut down their operation.

But no, that didn't happen. Big oil has been contributing to election campaigns for BOTH parties in an effort to avoid costly regulations that would hurt their profit and loss statements. And the MMS regulators had their grubby little hands out, too. Big oil was all too happy to grease all the palms  - and now BP's myopic focus on profit is causing the biggest environmental accident to ruin both sea and shore.

BP shareholders are selling off stock, the company's value is decreasing, and they'll most likely be forced into bankruptcy before they ever have to pay up for the oily mess they've left behind.

And there's still no real plan for cleanup. Oh, we have the guys who want to use hay, and Kevin Costner has some centrifuge he's sunk millions that can separate oil from water.

Every day's delay means people out of work, and plant and animal life destroyed.

Obama says he wants to know "whose ass to kick".

I hope he brings extra boots, because there are lots of asses who need it.

Maybe that bitch Karma can hold the person(s) down while Obama kicks 'em good.


  1. I am in total agreement with you on Van Der Poop. All I can say is Bubba, meet your new cell mate. Cuz I've heard their prisons are rough there in Peru. Not the country club they are here.

    BP oil. ERRRR, just don't even know what to say about that anymore.

  2. Peruvian prisons are horrible places. Not horrible ENOUGH for Joran, though.

  3. Justice can't come soon enough for Joran as well as for BP (remember when BP's CEO said he "wanted his life back" - well, what about the lives of the men lost in the explosion, the lives of the men who survived the explosion, the lives of every one and thing on land and in the sea/ocean?) I know I may be opening a can of worms but here goes. Speaking of justice, Obama is certainly good at covering his own ass, isn't he? After his term is over he can certainly get a gig teaching double-speak, pontification and the art of not taking responsibility whilst taking numerous holidays/vacations. Hmm, how concerned was he about the oil spill when he was playing bball in Chicago rather than showing honor to the fallen at Arlington (and no, the "Joe Biden is going" rhetoric won't cut it). And it is certainly presidential to proffer common usage such as "whose ass am I going to kick" as the leader of our country, isn't it? I am an liberal Democratic activist but even I am amazed by this man's arrogance, lack of decorum and lack of serving the people rather than himself. Our founding fathers are spinning in their graves (well, actually they've been spinning for a while) as we have veered so far from what they envisioned. And before anyone makes the comment - no, Obama didn't start this veering from the tenets - that started about 9 years ago - but he's certainly exacerbated things. "Yes, We Can" and "Here's to Change" - we all bought that bs hook, lie (oops, line) and sinker.

  4. That Joran kid gives me the creeps. I hope he stays in jail forever. He obviously has rage issues.

  5. This BP thing just makes me sick. And it makes me even more annoyed that they seem to be turning down help from people who have ideas about how to fix the problem.

    And the murderer guy? How sick that he killed another person. May he rot in jail.

  6. I'm so glad they finally caught that Van der Sloot slippery bastard. His had a grand ol' five years, hasn't he?

    As for the oil spill, the whole thing just turns my stomach. Our precious Gulf waters and everyone's livelihood along those shores has been destroyed. It makes me sad that our beautiful beaches will now only be a memory for my children.

    On happier note..Thanks for stopping by my blog! I hope you pop over again soon! :-)

  7. The oil spill is making me so sick to my stomach and just breaks my heart. Not to mention how mad I am over nothing being done to end it. The murderer...I'm with Jenners on that one too except I'd say May he rot in hell.


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