June 20, 2010

Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On!

We've been trying to stay out of trouble here at the Cleaver compound, but that doesn't mean we haven't done some stuff.

I saw Precious on DVD (thank you, Netflix) this week - it's one of those movies that stays with you. It certainly deserved all of the accolades it's received. It's not really suitable for viewing with little kids around, as it shows child abuse and incest, among other adult themes.

I've been reading Innocent, by Scott Turow. It's the sequel to Presumed Innocent, his bestseller from back in the day. Even though it's been 23 years (wow!) since the first book was published, I'm having no trouble getting back into the characters this time around.

The Boy and I went to see Toy Story 3 (but not in 3D) on Friday - the movie was awesome! I think the Toy Story franchise may be my absolute favorite Disney enterprise.

Check out this cute trailer:

There are lots of references to the first two films, so it helps if you've seen them. Also, there are tons of "Easter eggs" in the film that involve other Pixar endeavors...so watch carefully. Be sure to look for Sid, the psycho neighbor kid - he makes a cameo in the film. The ending is pretty touching - let's just say some tears were shed.

Also, on Friday, a new kitchen "toy" arrived in the mail. So far, I'm the only one who has experimented with our new addition to Appliance Central:
This bad boy is pretty sweet - but it is a tall one. It does NOT fit under the kitchen cabinets, so we're still looking for a suitable home for it.

I assume we'll be scheduling a family milkshake social in the immediate future!

And the reason for my sudden interest in all things milkshake? I blame it on Spike Mendelsohn, and his new cookbook. It also arrived in the last week or so. Spike did a segment on The View (my guilty pleasure program) - I knew I just had to try several of the recipes he featured on the show.

The Good Stuff Cookbook is all about burgers, fries, shakes, wedge salads and desserts. The burgers are all about the toppings and condiments, and he does love his potato buns to be toasted. I hope he uses sunscreen.

So Saturday was go-to day for the cookbook. 

Here's what we've tried so far:

Mint Oreo Milkshake - yummy
Prez Obama Burger (this has nothing to do with our political beliefs, we were just curious about the Red Onion Marmalade and the Horseradish Mayonnaise on the burger. I was a bit leery about putting blue cheese on my burger, I'm not a big fan of that crumbly stuff...but it was okay.  We also had Baked Sweet Potato Fries. These were a big hit - even The Boy wanted seconds (oops, too bad I only made half the number of servings). My next foray into milkshake land will involve the Toasted Marshmallow Shake...doesn't that sound wonderful?

I'm saving the BEST news for last - The Boy leaves for camp TODAY! Woohoo! We've spent the past couple of days getting all his stuff ready. He'll be gone until Friday evening. I know I'm really gonna miss the guy, and I'm hoping that he has a great time and that there are no phone calls telling me he's not being a good little camper (though he sure can't be called little anymore, he's growing taller by the moment).

The Mister and I have a few childless outings planned during his absence - and I'll be contemplating my future as an empty nester!

Here's the official info from the camp:
Sunnyhill Adventures is program that offers campers fun, exciting, educational experiences in a beautiful outdoor setting. Our residential summer camp combines traditional camping activities plus specially selected and adapted events to meet the needs of each camper group.

Our week long camp is packed with excitement from the top of the Alpine tower to the heart of an outdoor cave. At Sunnyhill, campers will have the chance to try it all. There are traditional camp activities such as archery, arts and crafts, swimming, nature study, hiking, sports, fishing, games, hay rides, evening programs, and tee pee camping. Sunnyhill also offers challenge activities such as challenge course, alpine tower climbing, and team challenge games. There are also off site activities such as canoeing, river floats, caving, orienteering, and nature exploration. Individual attention is provided with an option of 1:1, 1:4 and 1:8 counselor to camper ratios to accommodate the wishes of families and individual while ensuring a safe adventure.


  1. My boy-o is going on his (delayed) Germany trip starting tomorrow. I will also be contemplating the empty nest for the 8 days he is gone. I know the feeling about missing them but hoping they have a great time. :)

  2. oh my gosh. milkshakes, i love milkshakes. hell i love ice cream.

    And some alone time for you and the mister. ooh la la.

  3. I'm looking forward to TS3, but haven't caught Precious yet. I'm told, though, that the performances are outstanding!

  4. Yummy!! Milk shakes, burgers, etc!! And in this era of "everything you love is bad for you" kind of thing?! Also, have a wonderful time while The Boy is at camp. You surely deserve some alone time!! With or without The Mister!

  5. I will just pretend I didn't see that cookbook ... I do not need that information. And the milkshake thing too ... God, how perfect for summer!!!

    Woo hoo on the Boy going to camp! Enjoy it!

    And I'm so excited for Toy Story 3. I'm waiting a week or so before we venture to see it. I'll keep my eyes opened for all the little inside jokes. I think the people at Pixar are geniuses.


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