July 07, 2010

All The Good Motherhood Stuff I Know I Learned from My Refrigerator

Did you ever read something that had a lasting impact on you? Not just while you were reading it - but something that resonated with you long after you read it?

And I'm not really talking about books - and certainly, not the latest blood-sucking novel.

Words of wisdom.
Little nuggets of truth.
Famous quotations...and those not so famous.

Way back in the Dark ages, when I embarked on my journey of motherhood for the first time, I received this poem. It came with a packet of samples and other information about baby formula. Maybe I got it at the hospital where Shannon was born; maybe our beloved pediatrician passed them out. I guess how I got it doesn't matter so much.

That poem helped make me a more present mother, though I've had plenty of times when I didn't heed the words I saw each day (more often than not, I'm sorry to say).

For at least twelve years, it hung on the refrigerator (actually, two refrigerators over that time span). It is still as relevant today as it was when it was written.

May we all strive to take these words to heart and set a good example for all the children we encounter today...and every day.
 Children Learn What They Live

Lest you think I've gone all soft and sentimental on you, I began thinking of this poem during a discussion I was having. At the conclusion of the discussion, I determined that certain members of the family had to have been raised by wolves, since they obviously missed all the positive parental examples and lessons about common courtesy, topics that should not be brought up in mixed company and how to avoid spreading germs.
What written words move YOU?


  1. No truer words have ever been spoken!

  2. It used to hang on my refrigerator.

  3. That is so true. I guess we can only "try" to teach them right. Damn kids anyway.

  4. I've never seen that. Thanks for sharing. That's a great poem!

  5. That is a great poem. And so true about being shy if raised with ridicule. It is such a shame. I've been moved by many phrases and poems. One phrase that comes to mind is (and this is a paraphrase): "If you can't control something, then it makes no sense to worry about it if it is out of your control. It's going to happen anyway. And if you can control something, it makes no sense to worry about it because you can control it. Therefore, it never makes sense to worry."

  6. Hah! I knew I could trust you. When you sited that poem (that has always made me feel like a horses rear-end), I thought we were headed for me feeling worse about my mothering skills. But NOPE. I love that you have the other half of my brood living with you!! I wonder who did teach all of these animals ;-)

  7. I think I need to put this on my refrigerator as well.

  8. Thanks for this! I hadn't thought of, or read that, in years! But I love it, too! I think maybe I received it from the hospital, too, when my first son was born!

  9. Hmmph My favorite words, come from my work place. And I get to say it at the end of every trip.... GET OUT... Guess it could work for parenting also.... Kid turns 18... Yep Get Out covers alot of ground.. .and says it all.


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