July 26, 2010

The Boy Doesn't Get His Just Deserts (or Just Desserts)

Or, How I am Now Wal-Mart's Biggest Fan!
Over the weekend, we FINALLY had our family celebration for The Boy's birthday. We delayed it a week because The Mister generously shared his summer cold with me, and I didn't want to be that generous with anyone else in the family.

I forgot to whip out the camera, so no pictures were taken.

First, we joined Tammy, Frank and Seth at a local restaurant/watering hole for an all-you-can-eat brunch.

Nothing says love to The Boy more than 'all-you-can-eat'. This was not a typical buffet; here, you ordered your food, it was prepared for you. No lines, no sneeze guards over steaming pans of vittles.

I can say 'vittles', because the place was called Hillbilly's.

For example, The Boy started with an omelet with every meat-type filling (they call 'em 'fixins') they had on the menu. 

Then he had a French toast platter, which came with eggs and sausage.

And he may have finished something that Seth didn't try.

And I think I gave him some of my fried potatoes.

Let's just say The Boy put on the feed bag...and emptied it.

We all did.

During brunch, the huge screen TV lost its satellite feed, so they provided alternate entertainment. We watched a DVD of a guy who won America's Got Talent (and he now headlines a show in Las Vegas). His name was Terry Fator - I recommend that you watch his DVD - he was that good.

After brunch, we managed to waddle out to the parking lot, buckle our seat belts and go home. Janella and Matt (hope they don't get mad when they see their names here) joined us for dessert.

Like we needed to eat more.

Here's what I made (again, no pictures from me):

Oreo and Fudge Ice Cream Cake 

Yesterday, I took The Boy to Wal-Mart to spend his birthday gift cards (one had been languishing here for almost two weeks, poor thing).

What an ordeal!

We went immediately to Electronics, every adolescent boy's Wal-Mart paradise. He picked out a game for his DS, and a DVD collection.

And paid by himself.

And insisted on carrying his bag.

Here's where the trouble started.

We continued through various parts of the store, getting items on our shopping list.

At some point in our travels, he.lost.his.bag.

We did not realize this fact until we were loading our bags into the car. 

He went back into the store by himself, visiting the last place he was, and checking with the Service Desk, and with the cashier that scanned and bagged our order.

Nuttin'. Nobody had seen it, nobody turned anything in. Forty five dollars' worth of merchandise - gone.

Of course, The Boy, being The Boy, he said that he screwed up big time...and then wanted ME to buy him the items again.

Remember 100% unemployment? It's not likely that I am going to fund this enterprise ANYTIME...but NOW? Think NO.FREAKIN'.WAY.NO.HOW.NEVER.

I go back into the store with The Boy (after physically going through all the bags again, and not finding his treasures). 

We re-visit every area of the store we went through on our first trip. No small bag found.

We go to Electronics, thinking that maybe someone brought the package back to them. 

Nope. The associate says that if we have the receipt, and someone in Accounting can review the transaction, maybe they can help us out.

The receipt in question? In the bag.

Feeling helpless at this point, the associate says that he'll contact a manager, and see "what they can do" for us.

I'm not expecting much other than an "I'm sorry".


While we sat in Electronics and waited, I got hugs and lots of apologies. And The Boy was surprised that I wasn't angry with him, which made him want to hug me even more.

Bob, the fearless manager, DOES talk with Accounting (after we show him another copy of the game The Boy purchased). They are able to find the transaction.

And for whatever reason, they agree to refund all of The Boy's money, and let him purchase again...on their dime.

Wal-Mart went above and beyond the call of duty. Boy, that's a sentence I never thought I'd type.

He got his game, and another DVD set - because he had purchased the LAST copy of his first selection.

And I got to keep the change.

Cuz I ain't spending THREE HOURS in Wal-Mart without compensation, knowwhatImean?

New house rule: The Boy must NEVER carry his purchases until he carries an old lady purse, like I do. 


  1. Well how awesome was that.. and a rarity for Wal mart in general specially mine. Iam glad they did the right thing, now I would review some tapes and see who found it and walked out with it all.. then prosecute them

  2. wow, that is awesome that they did that. and it was a great learning experience for your son.

  3. You definitely got a good manager cause the ones in my neck of the woods would have just laughed you out of the building! :-) Glad he got his stuff back (sort of)!

  4. What a BLESSING! I am glad that they were thoughtful, considerate, and went beyond the call of duty. When people do good things, it revisits them somewhere along the way. Your son is a lucky boy!! :)

  5. Wow they really stepped up on that one! Glad he got his goods after all

  6. Wow, the Boy had a veritable feast, a scrumptious cake AND he got his moolah back? That's awesome! Wally World always gets a bad rap, but I have to give them points for this one...

  7. I can't believe Walmart did that! They did go above and beyond. I'll have to tell my husband about this. He believes that Walmart is the anti-Christ.


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