July 19, 2010

Domestic Terrorism

Each day, I report to the trenches
Double agent, showing loyalty to opposing forces
Trusted confidant to warlords
On each side

Volleys are thrown, injuries tallied
The sides re-group to plan vengeance
I am asked to take up arms
But I am also mediator

Each leader, separately, states their case
Confident that he is the better man
With each insult hurled about his opponent
The speaker grows smaller in my estimation
And hatred is not out of the question

Were I merely a journalist, embedded with a unit
I could don my helmet and report the casualties
As collateral damage is assessed
But with verbal assault, it is hard to estimate the depth of carnage
And, each side in turn, asks me to convene a press conference, describing certain victory

If the press from both factions wasn't State-run
Meaning that I'd be executed for treason
I'd tell you that both Emperors 
Are wearing no clothes

Carefully-worded propaganda is dispensed with smiles

At day's end, when the battle-weary retreat to plot and regain strength
I count my wounds, and contemplate my escape
Knowing that if I desert this kingdom
Both sides will fight to the death

During my last retreat, the attack intensified
Physical aggression was made manifest
I returned, not a hero, but a deserter

Two years ago, I helped form this union
I brought together these opposing forces
And relied on their cooperation
And discovered that I am the land they both want solely as their own

So again, I rise out of my bunker
Swallowing the bile I feel rising within me
And soldier on
Hopeful that, today, I will barter an end to the hostilities


  1. You are freakin' amazing! I loved this piece! The story of our lives, isn't it?

    Thanks for sharing your creativity!

  2. humm... the battle is worth the fight and it will be won...

  3. You never cease to surprise and amaze me. I wish there was a job for Poet Laureate ... I would nominate you.

  4. Well, now's certainly not the time to raise the white flag. Soldier on!


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