July 01, 2010

Mama Kat's Writer's Workshop - 07/01/10

It's Thursday, so it's time to do the write thing with MamaKat! I skipped last week's extravaganza, so I will do three prompts this week, just for some extra giggles.

The prompts I chose are:  

3.) Write a list of 10 things that are sure to put a smile on your face when you are not happy.
4.) People would be surprised to learn that…

Ten Things that Make Me Smile

Disclaimer: This list appears in no particular order. That is to say, the item listed as number one (1) may not necessarily produce a bigger smile on my face than any other item on the list. I just didn't want the items near the top to get all cocky, nor the ones at the bottom to feel discouraged.

1. Contact with grandkids (listed here in descending order, by age - order does not necessarily reflect their smile-inducing talents): Desiree, Nate, Jordyn, Eli, Cameron and Seth.
2. Contact with my children (unless they are extremely grumpy, or show up in handcuffs, or are calling for bail money - then I cannot guarantee a smile). By 'children', I refer to biological children, stepchildren, and their spouses/significant others.

Oh, and by 'contact' - I mean any form of communication, visit, phone call, or even, just thinking about them. I also include physical contact - I love me some hugs, or a hand to hold - I do NOT mean, however, any kind of physical contact that would be deemed inappropriate by a court of law. Glad we got that worked out. Now, back to the list.

3. The sound of children's laughter.
4. The sound of children singing...unless it's a rap song - then it's more likely to cause me to clench my teeth until it's over.
5. Seeing the sun streaming down through the clouds. I think it goes back to some movie I saw as a kid - it gets me all into the "God is good" frame of mind, and it just makes me smile. And in my head, I can almost hear the chorus of angels.
6. One thing that always brings a smile to my face is when my minions obey me implicitly. There's nothing like absolute obedience from the underlings that makes my heart sing, and my face can't help but smile. At that point, it's best to just ignore my maniacal cackling, and the wringing of my hands in victory.
7. I'm not really into material possessions, so when I get a gift for no reason at all, I am just thrilled beyond belief. I am so happy that I have wonderful people in my life who choose to show their appreciation in this unexpected way. In the last week, I've received two such gifts...I am such a lucky gal.
8. Waking up early in the morning, before everyone else in the house, and hearing the birds twitter outside the window - just that little bit of quiet time to welcome the day helps me to be a sunnier person all day long.
9. The fact that I get to have a "do over" every day, that yesterday's mistakes and misunderstandings can be set aside, and I have another 24 hours to approach excellence is a good thing. The idea that, at least until the first hairball is stepped on in the living room, all good things are possible today - that makes me smile. And the hairball - not so much.
10. I don't know if Coke Zero and chocolate really make me smile - but I am confident they keep me from going on a killing spree because I have a "no caffeine" headache and the damned birds won't stop chirping...and the kids, with their incessant laughter and singing? It's enough to make me lose my mind!

People Would be Surprised to Learn that...
  • I really am shy IRL. If I'm in a group of more than say, four - I am the one in the corner, furthest away from the action. I know I act all "my shit don't stink" on the blog, but that's mainly just smoke and mirrors.
  • I actually hold back on revealing the really unpleasant stuff in my life (mostly in the past). Gee, don't ya all feel sorry for me now? I do consider the thoughts and feelings of family members who would read my posts from time to time, and don't intentionally try to hurt feelings or reveal secrets...except, that one time...never mind.
  • I have received the very last unemployment check I may ever get. I am a "99er" - and I'm now applying for ANY JOB in my geographical area, no matter how low the pay...and I'm feeling a bit of resentment about that. It's a humbling event, trying to get an entry-level job at my age - and failing.
  • I don't spend an inordinate amount of time writing a post. The words just sort of flow out of me (digital diarrhea, if you will). Ok, this is where I wait for you all to say, "No way, June, I thought you spent countless hours coming up with this witty stuff." Go ahead, I'll wait.
  • My name is not really June Freaking Cleaver, though I think it has a nice ring to it.
  • Although I do resort to hyperbole sometimes, I do tell true stuff on here. And yes, sometimes it is even more difficult a life than I portray. And I'm sure some mental health professionals would say that I  use humor as a crutch and/or a shield - and they'd probably be right. But I also like to make people laugh.
  • I realize, that for some people, I serve as the poster child for what not to do - and I'm okay with that.
  • I tried the same job that Anne Hathaway had in the movie Valentine's Day - and it sucked, though I was successful at it (wish I had a nickel for everyone who is now searching for this information!).
  • I've told far more than I intended - yet feel the need to share. Come over sometime, we'll have coffee and a piece of cake. We'll talk. Just don't all of you come at once, okay?


    1. Nice list! Chocolates on mine too!

    2. Ok, so you're saying your middle name isn't "Freakin'"?? I just don't know what to believe now.

    3. Chocolate is on my list too :)

    4. I'm shy Irl too. Mornings are a happy time and I love that you view each day as a do over

    5. Stop it right this second. I seriously thought your mother had named you
      June Freaking Cleaver.
      Now I am disillusioned about all of my blogging friends : )

      I am not shy in real life. I am surprised you are.

      I love that your grandkids make you smile!

    6. Lost the comment I made....awk

      I love your smile list. It makes me want to go back and add to mine.

      Learned what I didn't know about you since I don't know you that's interesting. ha And what I did learn is that you have a great sense of humor and made me smile! Great post. :)

    7. Yeah... Chocolate is on MINE, TOO!! LOL!!

      Oh... and me and MORNING don't get along... For me DAWN is nature's way of telling me it's time for BED. LOL!!


    8. Chocolate is on mine, TOO!! Go FIGURE... that CHOCOLATE sure GETS AROUND... or MAKES ME ROUND... WHATEVER! HAH!!

    9. Linked through MKWW. I totally get your humor. I also cover with jokes and laughters. It's awesome. Better than covering with hitting people and yelling...right?
      Loved the post.

    10. I never really thought about it but I do smile in the morning when I'm the only one awake and the birds are chirping and the coffee is fresh, the sun is shinning and all seem right in the world.

    11. Chocolate!!!!!!!!!!! How did I forget that on my list of top 10?

    12. Great list. You managed to combine humor and poignancy very well. I couldn't agree more with #5 and #9.

    13. Thanks for stopping by my blog! I've read a few of your posts -- what a hoot -- I just might have to put your blog on the things that make me smile list.

    14. Sounds of my children laughing always makes me happy expect when they are laughing at me instead of obeying.

    15. I. LOVE. YOUR. LIST! #6 on your list made me smile, in particular, because I subscrible to the "first time obedience" theory with my kidlets. Good stuff!

    16. You know, I was first drawn to your blog because I imagined how cool it would be if your name really WERE June Freaking Cleaver. Good luck on the job front. Mr. Fairway was in your shoes, but finally landed a position. Fingers crossed!

    17. Well aren't you just the over acheiver! LOL

      Enjoyed your lists.

    18. I'm now going to refer to my husband and son and my "minions." Love it!

      And I love "God sunlight" too!!

      I think you are wonderful ... and we share a similar personality. I'm shy and quiet in real life too ... until I'm comfortable and then I can get a bit annoying. I'm much better in blog form.

    19. Hey June! Loved learning all this about you! And I'd love to come over for cake and coffe, but you'll have to e-mail me your address....otherwise I'll just have to drive all over Missouri, with my car window rolled down, yelling, "Hey, June FREAKIN' Cleaver.....Where Are You??!!"

    20. I am impressed! You have a great name, a great list, and a really cool attitude! Okay if I follow you? I promise not to stalk!

      God's rays coming through the clouds - the kids and I say that those are souls on their way up! Just seeing the light makes me smile, too!

      You are a crackup! I totally agree with covering up with humor. It may not solve anything, but it sure makes life more bearable until we can figure a way out!

      Great post!


    Thanks for stopping by. I love your comments...I get all warm inside just reading them!