July 16, 2010

Oh, Why Didn't I Think of These?

Wastin' time, surfin' the Interwebs. Came across some winners:

This is so wrong, yet it feels so right. Totally inappropriate, but The Boy and I have been laughing (at our individual computers) for quite a while now. The Boy's favorite? Barely Legal Little League. My favorite? Too many to choose from (and with what I've read already, only one that I think went way too far). 

Got kids' clothing that you'd like to swap with other moms? Pack some up, list it on ThredUp, and someone may offer to take it off your hands. Pay for shipping, the clothes are gone. Then you use your credits to browse other boxes that are listed, and request that THOSE clothes be shipped to you, for free! 

You'll be opening a surprise package every time (no pics of clothing on site). One big rule is to only give the quality of clothing you would like to receive (so no stains or rips allowed).

Whether you need hardware drivers, ebooks, mp3 files, just about anything you can download, start here. You can drill down within the search to get more specific results. Works pretty well for me.


  1. Good stuff, June! Thanks for sharing your hard work with us!

  2. I clicked on over to Don't Even Reply and I foresee many wasted hours ahead of me. Thanks for that!


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