July 13, 2010

Post-it Note Tuesday - 07/13/10 - Happy Birthday, Gentlemen!

The calendar tells me it's Tuesday (since I'm an unemployed bum, every day is like any other). It's time again to play along with Supahmommy with Post-it Note Tuesday. Let's begin! 

We're in a celebratory mood here in the Cleaver Compound. Check it out!



  1. Wow, that's a full week of birthdays! I share the same b-day as your son! Found you from the PINT linky. Hope everyone has happy birthdays and you don't go broke celebrating them all :-)

  2. Happy birthday to all your birthdays this week. geez, it's expensive when they all happen at the same time.

  3. Happy birthday to all the boys in your family!

  4. Hey JFC! Glad to see you back! And yeah, talk about breaking the bank with all those birthdays! Well, you could always do what my grandma used to do when I was a young girl....send a card with a one dollar bill in it!! :D
    Of course, that was back when a dollar would buy quite a lot!!
    (And also, good advice from the grand pappy, too!!) :o

  5. dude. i hope you don't go broke celebrating. and how hilarious is it that your 15 year old wants to celebrate with nekkid girls and vodka. can't tell if i would laugh or cry… (but i laughed)
    keep your legs together.

    december is like that in our house. from dec 8 - jan 14 it's non-stop birthdays.

    have fun celebrating!
    visiting you from PINT.

  6. Good Lord ... that is a lot of birthday cake! YAY!


    I'm cracking up at The Boy's shrink's response. Bwahaha.

  8. Actually, Daryl's birthday was Sunday, the 11th.

  9. Wow, have a good time with all the birthdays! I love birthday parties! I usually can't eat the cake because of my celiac, but I still enjoy them just the same! And lots of boys too! Boy birthday parties are a good time!

  10. Erin,
    I stand corrected...and so does this post. The Daryl birthday mis-identification has been rectified.

    I will NOT make THAT mistake again!


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